The United Way of Washtenaw County’s Community Impact Committee has awarded Telling It a grant to support their program, Responding to the Mental Health Needs of School-Age Youth Post-Pandemic at Telling It. “This grant will support our efforts to meet the pressing mental health needs of children and teens that attend Telling It at Parkridge Community Centerin Ypsilanti,” states Deb Gordon-Gurfinkel, Telling It Founding Director. Telling It will focus on the mental health struggles experienced by youth during the Covid-19 pandemic. Gordon-Gurfinkel adds, “Mental health professionals are predicting an up-tick in depression and acts of self-harm.”

The United Way of Washtenaw County Opportunity Fund FY21 grants provide support for organizations whose work benefits priority populations in Washtenaw County: lower-income populations, communities of color, and groups deemed to be marginalized. “United Way continues to commit itself to improving people’s lives through programs, initiatives and strategies that create measurable and lasting change. We are look forward to working with Telling It in pursuing this goal,” states Jamie Hoffman, Community Impact Manager

About Telling It

Founded in 2002, Telling It is a trauma-informed, resiliency-building community-based after-school program that supports the healing and social emotional learning needs of school-age youth using best practices from social work filtered through the expressive arts.