What Can You Do With a PPE Degree?

The Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics prepares students for success in many career paths.  As a PPE student, you'll gain experience with a wide range of analytical tools and research methods in the social sciences, and develop your skills in critical thinking, writing, and argumentation.

These skills are highly transferable: since the first graduating class in 2012, PPE alumni have gone on to successful careers in law, consulting, government, nonprofits, education, and many other areas.

Learn more about the careers PPE alumni have gone on to pursue, and career resources available for current PPE students and alumni, below.

Career Paths

The lists below are just some of the many employers and graduate programs where PPE alumni have worked and studied.  PPE students and alumni can view the full list in our Alumni Directory - see Career Resources for details.

Career data was collected in a survey of 95 PPE alumni conducted in July 2020.  Survey respondents included members of the graduating classes of 2014 through 2020.

Read more about what our alums have done since graduation on our Featured Alumni page.

Career Resources

PPE Alumni Directory

Available to all current students and alumni of the Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, the PPE Alumni Directory includes information about alums' career paths and additional education received after U of M.  Most alumni directory listings also include contact information (shared on an opt-in basis.)To access the alumni directory, please contact phil.events@umich.edu.

LSA Opportunity Hub

University Career Center