Mary E. Gallagher, professor of Political Science and director of the Liberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies recently shared her view regarding the 2016 election and China. 

She stated, 

"It was likely that either presidential candidate would have adopted a more confrontational policy toward China. Given that the 'Asia Pivot' policy was adopted under Secretary of State Clinton, a Clinton presidency would have taken a harder line on issues such as the South China Sea and human rights. However, President-elect Trump's proposed China policies are even more likely to increase dramatically tensions between Washington and Beijing. Perhaps this is what the American electorate wants: policies of economic nationalism, isolationism, and anti-globalization. But they will have disastrous effects on our own economy. In addition to this, however, my overriding concern about a Trump presidency is that the United States will also pull back from areas that have seen real US-China cooperation on issues of global concern, such as climate change, piracy and global public health. In other words, either presidential candidate would have adopted policies that would have tested our bilateral ties. Trump's presidency will have global implications on issues that reach far beyond the two nations."

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