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Current Courses

Please find the upcoming term's MEMS topics courses by clicking on each program, where highlighted course titles link to detailed information in the course guide. (Lists are updated each fall and spring in time for backpacking.)

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Program and Affiliated Courses

MEMS 210 / HISTORY 210. Early Medieval Europe, 300-1000.
MEMS 211 / HISTORY 211. Later Medieval Europe, 1000-1500.
MEMS 212 / HISTORY 212. The Renaissance.
MEMS 220 / History 220. Knights, Peasants, and Bandits.
MEMS 240 / HISTART 240. Visual Arts in Medieval Society.
MEMS 250 / HISTART 250. Italian Renaissance Art.
MEMS 251 / HISTART 251. Italian Renaissance Art, II.
MEMS 253 / History 253. Europe, 300-1648.
MEMS 260 / History 230 / CLCIV 250. On the Edges of the Roman Empire.

MEMS 261. Interdisciplinary Topics in the Middle Ages: 22 Ways of Going Medieval.
MEMS 316 / HISTORY 316. Medieval Women.
MEMS 317 / HISTORY 317. Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800.
MEMS 318 / ISLAM 318 / REES 318. Church of Armenia.
MEMS / HISTORY 323. Spanish Inquisition.
MEMS 325 / ASIAN 324 / HISTORY 325. History of Islam in South Asia.
MEMS 333 / ITALIAN 333. Dante's Divine Comedy.
MEMS 344 / HISTART 344. Early Medieval Kingdoms and Cultures: European Art 400-1000.
MEMS 345 / HISTART 345. Introduction to Medieval Architecture.
MEMS 348 / HISTART 348. The Medieval Book.
MEMS 350 / ENGLISH 350. Literature in English to 1660
MEMS 355 / HISTART 355. The Miraculous and the Diabolical in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe.
MEMS 360.001 / MIDEAST 341 Science and Technology in the Ancient Middle East.
MEMS 360.002 /RCHUMS 334.003. Notre Dame, Paris, Gothic Cathedrals, and Us.
MEMS 360.003 / RCHUMS 334.016. Arab Women Poets.
MEMS 360.007/ History 328. Rebels and Outlaws in Medieval Europe.

MEMS 367 / ENGLISH 367. Shakespeare's Plays.
MEMS 375 / SCAND 375. Celtic and Nordic Mythology.
MEMS 377 / FRENCH 367. Literature, History, and Culture of Early Modern France.
MEMS 381 / HISTORY 381. Ancient Jewish History to 638 CE: From Israelite Origins to Islamic Conquest.
MEMS/RUSSIAN 391. Art, Culture and Literature in Old Russia.
MEMS 398. The Black Death.
MEMS 411. Special Topics. Islamic Law: Sharia.
MEMS 421 / RCHUMS 334. Medieval Theater 
MEMS 425 / HIST 518. Jews and Christians in Late Renaissance Italy (1400-1650).
MEMS 440 / LATIN 435. Postclassical Latin I, 500-900 A.D.
MEMS 441 / LATIN 436. Postclassical Latin II, 400-1300 A.D.
MEMS 442 / SCAN 442. Icelandic Sagas.
MEMS 443 / GERMAN 444. Medieval German Literature in English Translation
MEMS 465 / ENGLISH 465. Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales.
MEMS 490. Directed Reading.

American Culture

AMCULT 229. The Qu'ran as Utopian Text.
AMCULT 341. Rise of the Corporation.
AMCULT 367. American Indian History.
AMCULT 323. History of the American West.

Classical Studies

LATIN 233. Late Latin. The Latin of Science
LATIN 435 / MEMS 440. Postclassical Latin I, 500-900 A.D.
LATIN 436 / MEMS 441. Postclassical Latin II, 400-1300 A.D.
CLCIV 120 Cl & Augustine's Christianity.
CLCIV 250. On the Edges of the Roman Empire.
CLCIV 253. The Mediterranean Classics.
CLCIV 277. Environmental History of the Ancient Mediterranean.
CLCIV 327. Jews in the Roman Mediterranean.
CLCIV 381 / RELIGION 381. An Introduction to the History and Literature of Witchcraft
CLCIV 472. Roman Law.

Germanic Languages and Literatures

GERMAN 303 / HIST 303. Martin Luther's Reformation.
GERMAN 375 / SCAND 375 / MEMS 375. Celtic and Nordic Mythology.
GERMAN 449. Spirituality and Madness: Religious Women from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment.
GERMAN/LING 517. Historical Linguistics.


HISTORY 195.004. A History of Magic in the Colonizing World.
HISTORY 197.004. People and Animals in Preindustrial Europe.
HISTORY 203 / ASIAN 203. Introduction to Japanese Civilization.

HISTORY 204 / ASIAN 204. East Asia: Early Transformations.
HISTORY 206 / ASIAN 206. South Asian Civilization.
HISTORY 207 / ASIAN 207. Southeast Asian Civilizations.
HISTORY 210 / MEMS 210. Early Medieval Europe.
HISTORY 211 / MEMS 211. Later Medieval Europe.
HISTORY 212 / MEMS 212. Renaissance Europe.
HISTORY 220. Knights, Peasants, and Bandits in Medieval England.
HISTORY 222. Sex and Sexuality in Jewish History and Culture.
HISTORY 225. Europe and the New World.
HISTORY 230. On the Edges of the Roman Empire. Armenia.
HISTORY 236. Environment and History in Preindustrial Europe.

HISTORY 239. The World Before 1492.
HISTORY 243. The Dawn of Islamic History.
HISTORY 242. Medical Traditions in the Middle East.
HISTORY 246 / DAAS 246. Africa to 1850.
HISTORY 248. Jesus Comes to Asia: Conversion and Its Consequences.
HISTORY 250. China from the Oracle Bones to the Opium War.
HISTORY 251. The Chinese Renaissance: Cultural Transformations in Eleventh-Century China.
HISTORY 252. Introduction to Chinese Civilization.
HISTORY 253 / MEMS 253. Europe, 300-1648.
HISTORY 257 / JUDAIC 318. Ancient Law.
HISTORY 260. United States to 1865.
HISTORY 263. Discovering America: Atlantic History I, 1492-1607.
HISTORY 264. Exploring America: Atlantic History II, 1607-1815.
HISTORY 269. Introduction to the Talmud and the Rabbis.
HISTORY 276. Lost Books that Rewrote the Bible.
HISTORY 277. Environmental History of the Ancient Mediterranean.
HISTORY 278 / AAPTIS 269. Introduction to Turkish Civilizations.
HISTORY 286 / RELIGION 286. A History of Eastern Christianity from the 4th to the 18th Century.
HISTORY 287. Early Modern Spanish and Portuguese Worlds.
HISTORY 303. Women in the Ancient Mediterranean.
HISTORY 306.  Ottoman  Classical Age, 1300-1600.
HISTORY 308. The Earliest Christians.
HISTORY 310. Atlantic Slavery.
HISTORY 316. Medieval Women.
HISTORY 317. Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800.
HISTORY 318 / JUDAIC 328.  Jewish Visual Culture.
HISTORY 320. From Grandeur to Collapse: Ottoman State and Society in the ‘Post-Classical’ Age (ca. 1600-1922).
HISTORY 323. Spanish Inquisition.
HISTORY 325. The History of Islam in South Asia.

HISTORY 328.003. From Mass Conversion to the Inquisition: Religion and Violence in Early Modern Spain.
HISTORY 328.007. Rebels and Outlaws in Medieval Europe.

HISTORY 329.002. Mapping the Pre-Columbian World.
HISTORY 343. Rise of the Corporation.
HISTORY 347 / ANTHRCUL 346. Latin America: The Colonial Period.
HISTORY 350. History of Jewish Visual Culture.
HISTORY 352.  Imperial China.
HISTORY 357. Women and Gender in African History.
HISTORY 367. American Indian History.
HISTORY 375 / WOMENSTD 375. A History of Witchcraft.
HISTORY 391 Belief, Disease, and Pollution in Premodern Europe.
HISTORY 392. Gender in Premodern Japan and East Asia.
HISTORY 396. Crossed Destinies: Ibn Khaldun and Tamerlane.
HISTORY 397. Rome after Empire.
HISTORY 398. The Black Death.
HISTORY 407. Slavery in the Atlantic World.
HISTORY 408. Byzantium, 284-1453.
HISTORY 409. Byzantine Empire, 867-1453
HISTORY 412. City of Empires: Byzantium-Constantinolple-Istanbul.
HISTORY 413. Gender and Sexuality in Premodern Islam.
HISTORY 427 History of Shi'ism.
HISTORY 428. The Rise of Islam.
HISTORY 429. Gender and Sexuality in Pre-modern Islam.
HISTORY 432. Medieval & Early Modern Russia.
HISTORY 433. Russia Under the Tsars.
HISTORY 441. (Lab course) The Book in History.
HISTORY 442. The Medieval Near East.
HISTORY 445. Writing the English Revolution: Rhetoric and Regicide in the 17th Century.
HISTORY 447. The Icelandic Saga (in English Translation).
HISTORY 450. Japan to 1700: From Origin Myths to Shogun Dynasties.
HISTORY 456. Mughal India.
HISTORY 460. Colonial America.
HISTORY 461. The American Revolution.
HISTORY 469. Problems in Precolonial Southeast Asia.
HISTORY 487. Conversions and Christianities.
HISTORY 491. History from Things: Tracing the Premodern in Objects.
HISTORY 491. (Lab course) Living and Dying in Late Medieval London.
HISTORY 495. The World the Mongols Made.
HISTORY 496. Horror and Enchantment in an Early Modern World.
HISTORY 496. Russian Witchcraft in Comparative Perspective.
HISTORY 496. Monks and Mystics: Latin West and Byzantine East.
HISTORY 496. Christian Egypt, 2nd to 7th Centuries.
HISTORY 496. Indians and Empires.
HISTORY 496. Medieval London.
HISTORY 496. The World of the Ship.
HISTORY 497. Journeys and Stories.
HISTORY 497. Christians in the Land of the Samurai.
HISTORY 497 What is a Human? Nature and Knowledge Before Modernity.
HISTORY 497. Ideology and Empire in Chinese History.
HISTORY 497. Religious Tolerance in Medieval Spain.
HISTORY 497. Rome after Empire.
HISTORY 497. Crusade & Jihad.

Judaic Studies

JUDAIC 224. Sex and Sexuality in Jewish History and Culture.
JUDAIC 260. Introduction to the Talmud.
JUDAIC 270 / HJCS 270. Introduction to Rabbinic Literature.
JUDAIC 318. From Mass Conversion to the Inquisition: Religion and Violence in Early Modern Spain.
JUDAIC 323. Jewish Visual Culture.
JUDAIC 324. Spanish Inquisition.
JUDAIC 326. History of the Jews in the Roman and Early Byzantine Worlds.
JUDAIC 417. The Jewish-Christian Debate in Medieval Iberia and Beyond.
JUDAIC 468 / HJCS 478 / RELIGION 469. Jewish Mysticism.
JUDAIC 470 / HJCS 470 / ACABS 470. Reading the Rabbis.


MUSICOL 239.  History of Western Music.
MUSICOL 343. Music and Islam.
MUSICOL 345. Music in Medieval Culture.
MUSICOL 377. Music in Medieval Culture (non-SMTD students only).
MUSICOL 407/507. String Quartets and String Quartets of Mozart.
Musicol 408.002 Music & Marian Devotions in Renaissance Europe.
MUSICOL 413.  Topics in the Early History of Opera to 1800.
MUSICOL 420.  Topics in Baroque Music.
MUSICOL 421.  Music of the Classical Era.
MUSICOL 477.  Medieval Music.
MUSICOL 478.  Renaissance Music.

THEORY 443.  Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint II.

Political Science

POLSCI 301. Development of Political Thought: To the Modern Period.
POLSCI 306. American Political Thought: Early.

Residential College

RCHUMS 306. The Book and the Body.
RCHUMS 330. The Arabian Nights.
RCHUMS 334.003/ MEMS 360.002. Notre Dame, Paris, Gothic Cathedrals, and Us.
RCHUMS 346. Art and Philosophy in the Italian Renaissance.
RCHUMS 381. Shakespeare on Stage.
RCHUMS 382. Molière and His Theatre.
RCHUMS 386  /MEMS 421.  Medieval Drama.
RCHUMS 387. Renaissance Drama.

Slavic Languages and Literatures

POLISH 325. Polish Literature in English to 1890.
RUSSIAN 352. Russian Literature of the Eighteenth Century.
RUSSIAN 391. Art, Culture & Literature in Old Russia.

African and African-American Studies

DAAS 200. Introduction to African Studies.
DAAS 246. Africa to 1850.


ANTHRARC 284. Aztec, Maya, and Inca Civilizations.
ANTHRARC 488. Prehistory of Mexico.
ANTHRARC 489. Maya and Central American Archaeology.
ANTRARC 490 Prehistoric North America.
ANTHRARC 491. Prehistory of the Central Andes.
ANTHRCUL 346 / HISTORY 347. Latin America: The Colonial Period.
ANTHRCUL 415. Andean Civilization.

Asian Studies

ASIAN 200 / HISTORY 203. Introduction to Japanese Civilization.
ASIAN 204 / HISTORY 204. East Asia: Early Transformations.
ASIAN 206 (111) / HISTORY 206. South Asian Civilization.
ASIAN 207 (112) / HISTORY 207. Southeast Asian Civilization.
ASIAN 220 / RELIGION 202. Philosophy and Religions in Asia.
ASIAN 225. Intro to Hinduism.
ASIAN 230. Intro to Buddhism.

ASIAN 231 / RELIGION 231. Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism.
ASIAN 241 / HISTORY 251. The Chinese Renaissance.
ASIAN 243 / HA 243. Introduction to South Asian Art.
ASIAN 244. Seeds of Conflict: Intercultural Encounters in Japan from 745-1945.
ASIAN 248 / HISTORY 248. Jesus Comes to Asia.
ASIAN 250. Buddhist Lives Across Time and Space.
ASIAN 252. Japanese Encounter with the West.
ASIAN 260. Introduction to Chinese Civilization.
ASIAN 264. Looking at Traditional China Through The Story of the Stone.
ASIAN 280. Japanese Narrative Design Lab.
ASIAN 292. Intro to Japanese Art.
ASIAN 300. Love and Death in Japanese Culture.
ASIAN 303 / RELIGION 303. Religious Military Orders of the World.
ASIAN 311. The Image of the Samurai.
ASIAN 314. Strange Ways: Lit of the Supernatural in Premodern Japan & China.
ASIAN 322. War Tales: Histories of Violence in Medieval and Early Modern Japan & China
ASIAN 324. Islam in South Asia.
ASIAN 325 / RELIGION 383. Zen Buddhism.
ASIAN 326. Introduction to Japanese Buddhism.
ASIAN 335. Himalayan Aesthetics.
ASIAN 338.001. Introduction to Classical Mongolian Language and Culture.
ASIAN 349. Confucianism.
ASIAN 352. Gender, Sexuality and Power in Premodern China.
ASIAN 357. Sensuous Pleasures: China's Forbidden Novel, Jin Ping Mei.
ASIAN 359. Crime and Detection in Chinese Literature.
ASIAN 362. Travels of the Monkey King in China and Abroad.
ASIAN 363. Chinese Theater and Drama.
ASIAN 364. The Development of Chinese Fiction.
ASIAN 370. Acupuncture History.
ASIAN 450. Japan to 1700: From Origin Myths to Shogun Dynasties.
ASIAN 465. Sacred Image/Place in Japanese Art.
ASIAN 480. From History to Videogames: The Saga of the Three Kingdoms.
ASIAN 485. Religion in China.
ASIANLAN 409. Classical Chinese in Modern Context.

ASIANLAN 433. Classical Japanese I.

Comparative Literature

CompLit 222. The Many Lives of Don Quixote.
CompLit 382. It's About Time: Anachronism, Asynchrony and Other Trips in Time.

English Language and Literature

ENGLISH 140.001. Imagining Paradise in an Endangered World.
ENGLISH 140.004 Dante's The Divine Comedy.
ENGLISH 267. World of Shakespeare.
ENGLISH 290. The Qur'an and Its Interpretations.
ENGLISH 292. The Afterlives of Beowulf (a minicourse).
ENGLISH 298.006. Early Modern Fictions of Travel and Dislocation.
ENGLISH 308. History of the English Language.
ENGLISH 313. Race, Gender and Sexuality in Transatlantic Literature to 1830.
ENGLISH 314. Renaissance Sexualities.

ENGLISH 315. Women in Medieval and Early Modern English Literature.
ENGLISH 317. Death and Dying in the Middle Ages.
ENGLISH 318. Listicle Literature: The History of a Form.
ENGLISH 318. Fictions of Scale: 1680-1730.
ENGLISH 340. Poetry before Print.
ENGLISH 350. Literature in England-1600.
ENGLISH 351.  Writings of the Enlightenment.
ENGLISH 367 / MEMS 367. Shakespeare's Plays.
ENGLISH 397.001. Women Who Made History.
ENGLISH 398. John Donne and Metaphysical Poetry.
ENGLISH 398. Heretics, Midwives, and Visionaries.
ENGLISH 398.001. Elizabethan Culture and the Faerie Queen.
ENGLISH 398.003. Shakespeare: Text and Performance.
ENGLISH 398.004. New Literature in the Age of Chaucer.
ENGLISH 403.002 / HISTORY 498. Writing Revolution: Rhetoric and Regicide.
ENGLISH 407.002.  The Other Chaucer.
ENGLISH 409/501. Old English.
ENGLISH 407. History of the Book.
ENGLISH 410. Middle English.
ENGLISH 415. Extraordinary Women Writers.
ENGLISH 442. Poetry Before Print: Medieval and Early Tudor Lyric Poetry.
ENGLISH 443 / THTREMUS 321. History of Theatre I.
ENGLISH 445. Shakespeare's Rivals.
ENGLISH 450. Seventeenth Century Poetry.
ENGLISH 451. Satires in the Age of the British Enlightenment.
ENGLISH 465 / MEMS 465. Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales.
ENGLISH 467. Topics in Shakespeare: The Hamlet Semester.
ENGLISH 469. Milton.

Great Books

GTBOOKS 212. Great Books in World Literature: Don Quixote.
GTBOOKS 246 / NES 296. Great Books of the Middle East.

History of Art

HISTART 194. Medieval Castles: War and Peace.
HISTART 240 / MEMS 240. Visual Arts in Medieval Society.
HISTART 243 / ASIAN 243. Introduction to South Asian Art: Home and the World.
HISTART 250 / MEMS 250. Italian Renaissance Art.
HISTART 251 / MEMS 251. Italian Renaissance Art  II.
HISTART 253. Mediterranean Art History: Art and Exchange.
HISTART 255. Gods and Goddesses in Art.
HISTART 260. European Painting and Sculpture of the Seventeenth-Century. The Visual World of the "Baroque."
HISTART 285 / AAPTIS 285. Visual Culture of Islam.
HISTART 292. Introduction to Japanese Art.
HISTART 323. Jewish Visual Culture.
HISTART 335. Himalayas: An Aesthetic Exploration.
HISTART 341. The Gothic Age: Art of Medieval Paris.
HISTART 343. God, Love, and War: The Art of Byzantium and Medieval Western Europe.

HISTART 344 / MEMS 344. Early Medieval Kingdoms and Cultures: European Art 400-1000.
HISTART 345 / MEMS 345. Introduction to Medieval Architecture.
HISTART 346. Moving Image in the Middle Ages.
HISTART 347. Medieval Sports and Art.
HISTART 348. The Medieval Book.
HISTART 355. Miraculous Diabolical.
HISTART 356. Self in the Portrait.
HISTART 357. Art and Money.
HISTART 393. Pictorial Universe of Hieronymus Bosch.
HISTART 393. Arts of the Silk Road.
HISTART 393. The Body of Christ in Medieval Visual Culture, 1000-1550
HISTART 394.001. Living in a Material World: Europe and the Globe, 1492-1800.
HISTART 394.003. Art and Environment in China.

HISTART 394. Saints in Medieval Art.
HISTART 394. The Art of Byzantium and Medieval Western Europe.
HISTART 396. Japanese Narrative.
HISTART 405. Artists and Patrons.

HISTART 442 / CLARCH 442. Late Antique and Early Christian Art and Architecture.
HISTART 453. Venetian Painting.
HISTART 460. Renaissance Architecture.
HISTART 465. Early Modern Architecture in Italy, Austria, and Germany.
HISTART 466. Sacred Image in Japanese Art.
HISTART 482. Buddhist Art.
HISTART 468. Beautiful Writing: Explorations of East Asian Calligraphy.
HISTART 489.003. Special Topics: The Holy Land in Visual Culture.
HISTART 490. Working with Objects: Islamic Textiles, Metalwork, Ceramics, Glass and Coins.
HISTART 495 / ASIAN 494. Ocean of Stories: Telling Tales in the Indian Subcontinent.
HISTART 498. The Art History of the Ship in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.


LING 317. Language and History.
LING 517 / GERMAN 517. Principles and Methods of Historical Linguistics.

Middle East Studies

MIDEAST 200. Introduction to the Middle East.
MIDEAST 201. Medical Traditions in the Middle East.
MIDEAST 204. Islamic Creatures: Animals, Jinn, Monsters, and Angels.
MIDEAST 216. Islam in History.

MIDEAST 219. Great Books of the Middle East: The Qur'an.
MIDEAST 221. The Qur'an as Utopian Text.
MIDEAST 231. Reading the Quran.
MIDEAST 242. Introduction to Rabbinic Literature.
MIDEAST 291. Travelers and Travelogues: Mapping the Middle East.
MIDEAST 309. Romance in the Middle East.
MIDEAST 319. Ottoman History I.
MIDEAST 320. History of the Ottoman State and Society in the ‘Post-Classical’ Age (ca. 1600-1922).
MIDEAST 321. Jihad in History.
MIDEAST 322. Qur'an and its Interpretations.
MIDEAST 323. The Prophet Muhammad in Islam.
MIDEAST 324. Persian Literature in Translation.
MIDEAST 325. Arab Literature in Translation.
MIDEAST 328. Peace and Nonviolence in Islamic Cultures.
MIDEAST 330. The Arabian Nights.
MIDEAST 341.  Science and Technology in the Ancient Middle East.
MIDEAST 355. Jews in the Roman Mediterranean.

MIDEAST 375. Islam in South Asia.
MIDEAST 383. Jewish Visual Culture.
MIDEAST 413. The Rise of Islam.
MIDEAST 416. The Sultan and His Subjects: A Cultural History of the Ottoman Empire.
MIDEAST 417. Medieval Near East.
MIDEAST 421. Islamic Mysticism: Sufism in History.
MIDEAST 422 Shi'ism: History
MIDEAST 423. Islamic Law: Shariah.
MIDEAST 424. Islamic Intellectual History.
MIDEAST 427. Rumi: The Times and Legacy of a  Great Sufi Master.
MIDEAST 430. History of Arabic Literature.
MIDEAST 432. Gender in Pre-Modern Islam.
MIDEAST 434. Shahnameh: Iranian Myth, Epic, and History.
MIDEAST 456. Jewish Mysticism.
MIDEAST 490. The History of Iran.
MIDEAST 490. Making History: Memory, Invention, and Fiction in Early Christianity
MIDEAST. Classical Persian Texts.
MIDEAST. Readings in Classical Islamic Texts.

MELang 440. Coptic I.


PHIL 262. Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion.
PHIL 289. History of Philosophy: Descartes to Kant.
PHIL 323. The Scientific Revolution.
PHIL 331. Indian Philosophy.
PHIL 349. Confucianism: Reinventions of Tradition.
PHIL 387. Early Modern Female Philosophers.
PHIL 460. Medieval Philosophy. Has prerequisite.
PHIL 463. Descartes' System.
PHIL 467. Enlightenment and Skepticism.


RELIGION 122 /  NES 236. Introduction to the New Testament.
RELIGION 201 / NES 202. World Religions: Near East.
RELIGION 202 / ASIAN 220. Introduction to the Study of Asian Religions.
RELIGION 204 / MidE 216. Islam in History.
RELIGION 225 / ASIAN 225. Intro to Hinduism.
RELIGION / ASIAN 230. Intro to Buddhism.
RELIGION 231 / ASIAN 231. Intro to Tibetan Buddhism.

RELIGION 248. Jesus Comes to Asia: Conversion and its Consequences.
RELIGION 260 / HISTORY 269 / JUDAIC 260. Introduction to Talmud.
RELIGION 270. Rabbinic Literature and Culture.
RELIGION 303 / ASIAN 303. Religious Military Orders of the World.
RELIGION 318. Church of Armenia.
RELIGION 323. Zen: History, Culture and Critique.
RELIGION 325. The History of Islam in South Asia.
RELIGION 326. History of the Jews in the Roman and Early Byzantine Worlds.

RELIGION 330. The Arabian Nights.
RELIGION 331. Indian Philosophy.
RELIGION 363. The Qu'ran.
RELIGION 350 / ACABS 323. Christianity after the New Testament: The First Six Centuries.
RELIGION / HART 346. Moving Images of the Middle Ages.
RELIGION 363 / AAPTIS 363. The Qur'an and Its Interpretaion.
RELIGION 380. Bible: Antiquity to Modernity.
RELIGION 381 / CLCIV 381 An Introduction to the History and Literature of Witchcraft.
RELIGION 423. Islamic Law: Shariah.
RELIGION 461. Islamic Intellectual History.
RELIGION 465 / MIDEAST 421. Islamic Mystics.
RELIGION 467 / HISTORY 541. History of Shi'ism.
RELIGION 469  / JUDAIC 468. Jewish Mysticism.
RELIGION 485. Religion in China.
RELIGION 488 / ACABS 421 / CLCIV 483. Christianity and Hellenistic Civilizations.

Romance Languages and Literatures

FRENCH 270. Quests for the Holy Grail.
FRENCH 274. French and Francophone Societies and Culture. Discovery, Expansion and Conquest.

FRENCH 343. The French Enlightenment.
FRENCH 367 / MEMS 377. Literature, History, and Culture of Early Modern France.
ITALIAN 270. Dante's Inferno.
ITALIAN 275. 1348: The Year of the End of the World: Black Death in Florence and Europe. (taught in Italian).
ITALIAN 312. Genius and Geography in Italy.
ITALIAN 333 // MEMS 333. Dante's Divine Comedy.
ITALIAN 387 / 483. Italian Renaissance Literature
ITALIAN 415. Italy and the Muslim World.
ITALIAN 450. Medieval & Renaissance Literature.
ITALIAN 475. Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio
ITALIAN 486. Petrach's Canzoniere.
SPANISH 339. Introduction to Early/Modern Spanish Culture.
SPANISH 341. Early Latin American Culture (taught in Spanish).
SPANISH 368. Medieval Love Songs (taught in Spanish).
SPANISH 371. Peninsular Spanish Culture and Literature, 1207-1650.
SPANISH 373.001.  From Cid to Cide Hamete: Muslims in Medieval & EM Iberian Literature.
SPANISH 373.006. Las Novelas ejemplares de Miguel de Cervantes.
SPANISH 373.101. "Of liars, beggars and meddlers"" The Art of Deception in Spain's Early Modern Culture [SP 2013]
SPANISH 375. Islam and Sephardic Culture.
SPANISH 381. Colonial Latin American Literature.

SPANISH 385. Race and "Blood Purity" in Medieval Spain.
SPANISH 387. 1492 and the Mediterranean.
SPANISH 432. The Early Modern Body.
SPANISH 438. Conquest and Capitalism.
SPANISH 447.002. The Colonial Archive and the Politics of History.
SPANISH 450. Never-Ending Medieval Stories.
SPANISH 451. Spanish LIterature of the 15th C.
SPANISH 453. Aljamiado and Moriscos in Golden-Age Spain.
SPANISH 456. Spain's Golden Age: Rethinking the Classics.
SPANISH 458. Cervantes. Cervantes's Novelas Ejemplares.
SPANISH 460. The Spanish Comedia.
SPANISH 470. Colonialism in Latin America.
SPANISH 485. María de Zayas: Desire, Death, and the Novel.
SPANISH 487. History of the Spanish Lexicon.
SPANISH 488. The Jewish-Christian Debate in Medieval Iberia and Beyond.
ROMLANG 241. Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Romance Literatures and Cultures.
ROMLANG 250. Cultural History of the Early Modern Iberian World.
ROMLANG 253. The Mediterranean. History and Culture.
ROMLANG 377.001 / SPANISH 373.005 Race and Ethnicity in Romance Studies.

Study Abroad

Note:  Many study abroad programs may support MEMS study; we list here only those programs specifically directed toward MEMS topics.

STDABRD 304. U-M Spring in Florence – Honors.
STDABRD 452. U-M at St. Peter's College, Oxford, England.