excerpts from Gail Kuhnlein, EEB Website

When asked what he most enjoyed about his decade at the University of Michigan, Ed Grant, facilities assistant, replied, "Gosh, this is a hard one to answer. There are so many things. Number one: the people. Two: getting to meet people from around the world. I got quite an education."

Grant spent 10 years working at the Kraus Natural Science Building. At the Plant Operations Call Center, they called him Ed Kraus. When he called in a building related problem, he would always say, "Hi, this is Ed. From Kraus. They shortened it up a bit to Ed Kraus."

On being retired, Grant says retirement has "its own way of thinking. Gone are the push days when you are on a timeline. Now I have time to do things I want to do or need to do. I am still very busy doing things I enjoy."

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