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Collection Highlights

The Asian Scrolls Collection 
Comprised of 56 facsimile handscrolls and books of Japanese and Chinese origin. The scrolls depict landscapes and animals, as well as scenes from famous works and stories. The originals were created throughout the Tang, Sung, and Ming dynasties.

Berenson Photograph Archive
Comprised of 60,000 black and white reduced images with catalog information of primarily Italian Renaissance art.

Borobudur Collection
The Borobudur collection is composed of approximately 4,000 color and black-and-white slides depicting the Borobudur temple. The collection contains slides from the Southeast Asia Art Foundation (SAAF) Archive and from Patrick Young's expedition to the Buddhist temple in 1983.

Bourne and Shepherd Indian Mounted Prints Collection
This archive contains 81 black & white albumen silver prints depicting colonial Indian architectural monuments (mosques, tombs, and palaces). Most of the photos include the photographer’s name, print number, and image description at the print’s bottom right corner. 

Breezewood Collection
The Breezewood collection is comprised of approximately 3,500 photographs depicting Thai art and architecture, as well as important examples of Burmese, Cambodian, Cham, Indian, and Indonesian art. The photographs were taken in the late 1940's and early 1950's.

Egyptian Mounted Prints Collection
The archive contains 53 collodion prints depicting Egyptian architectural monuments (mosques, tombs, and palaces). Most of the photos include the photographer’s name, print number, and image description at the print’s bottom right corner. 

The Islamic Art Archives are comprised of six collections:
The Afghanistan Archaeological Remains Photograph Collection
The Mehmet Ağa-Oğlu Collection
Oleg Grabar Collection
Arthur Upham Pope Collection
The Marianna Shreve Simpson Islamic 
Manuscripts Collection

Donald Newton Wilber Collection

Modern Art Interfile - Diane Kirkpatrick Collection
This collection contains 11,469 black & white and color slides intended for classroom and/or coursework. Nearly all the slides are attributed with the artwork’s title, artist’s name, and artwork’s date. 

Saint George Image Collection of Cornelia Stekete Hulst
The Saint George Image Collection of Cornelia Steketee Hulst contains one hundred fifty-four (154) pictures mounted on heavy gray cardboard. Cornelia Steketee Hulst collected images of Saint George while researching her book St. George of Cappadocia in Legend and History.

Kozo Sasaki Collection
The Kozo Sasaki collection is comprised of approximately 3,185 images of Asian artwork. The images are a compilation of slides and black & white photographs taken by Dr. Kozo Sasaki. The artwork ranges from the Momoyama period to the Taisho period.

Sinai Archive
Negatives taken during the 1958, 1960, 1963, and 1965 joint expeditions of the Universities of Alexandria, Michigan, and Princeton to the Monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai.

Southeast Asia Art Foundation (SAAF) Collection
The Southeast Asia Art Foundation (SAAF) Archive is composed of approximately 200,000 photographs of Southeast Asia artwork compiled by John Adams Thierry during the latter half of the 20th century. The photos are drawn from approximately 30 different sources, sculptures, or monuments throughout Southeastern Asia that have since been vandalized, damaged, insensitively stored, or destroyed.

Palace Museum Archive
This ground-breaking collection, taken in the 1960s, numbers over 9,000 large format black and white and color photographs of painting and decorative arts in the collection of the National Palace Museum, Taiwan.