• November 21, 2017 - 12:30pm - 1:20pm 
  • Location: Ballroom, Floor 2 Michigan League
  • Moderator: Joe Bauer
  • Panelists: Elizabeth Sears, Lance Stuchell, Sean DeMonner

We are racing to digitize more and more University functions and processes but few IT projects include plans or budget for the historical archiving of their data. We are able to celebrate the bicentennial today, and know about the early history of the University because the people of past preserved documentation in a manner that endures the challenges of centuries. In 100 years, or even 50, will U-M be able to reconstruct a history of the present period in American education, or is too much data being lost as we upgrade, migrate, and retire systems? 

This panel, containing IT professionals, faculty, and a digital archivist, will lead discussion with attendees that explores the challenges of preserving digital data for history, while calling on the IT community for engagement. We will discuss the role of IT, the language we use, and whether we can make a difference.

For questions or more information contact: michigan-it-symposium@umich.edu