Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein grew up in Los Angeles, but didn’t meet until freshman orientation at U-M. It was at Michigan where the two developed a close friendship, often traveling together between North Campus and Central Campus to take classes in fine art, architecture, and art history.

“We were both seeking the iconic all-American college experience and changing seasons. We found everything we were looking for in Ann Arbor,” said Neman, ’10.

After graduation, Neman, an art student, went to work for a luxury interior design firm in Los Angeles. Klein, ’10, who majored in art history, split her time between New York and Los Angeles working in art galleries. They soon saw the lack of opportunity for emerging artists, those fresh out of school like themselves. It was out of a desire to create possibilities for artists and buyers that they formed the Tappan Collective.

An online platform that connects emerging artists with aspiring art collectors, the Tappan Collective ( was named for Tappan Hall, the history of art building on Central Campus. This was Neman and Klein’s special spot, where they studied together surrounded by their favorite art publications.

“We wanted to choose a name for our company that was meaningful to both
of us. Naming it after Tappan felt perfect; it was a time and place of inspiration, learning, and self-discovery,” Klein said.

Tappan doesn’t feature a specific style of art; its aesthetic ranges from bright abstract paintings to sun-drenched landscape photography to intimate black-and-white portraits.

“Our mission is to give every art lover the opportunity to access and afford inspiring, original artwork,” said Klein. “At the same time, we want to use the power of the Internet to support new, fresh talent.”

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