A new species of red algae was named after Michael J. Wynne, Curator Emeritus (Algae), namely, Beringia wynnei, by Bridgette Clarkston of the University of New Brunswick, now at the University of British Columbia. The red-bladed alga has a type locality of Bamfield, Vancouver Island, Canada. The article by Clarkston appeared in the January 2012 issue of the journal of Phycologia. Wynne has other species named in his honor: a Botryocladia from Puerto Rico by D. L. Ballantine, a Hypoglossum from Hawaii by I. A. Abbott, and a Chylocladia from Salina Island, north of Sicily, by Alongi, Cormaci and Furnari, as well as the red algal genus Nwynea (N. grandispora) from offshore Georgia by R. B. Searles. Wynne is an algal systematist and over his career has described a total of 25 new genera and 91 new species of marine algae from around the world.