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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

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Michigan doctoral student selected for prestigious National Fisheries Fellowship

Research focuses on using ecosystem dynamics to help ensure sustainable fisheries

The monarch butterfly is scientifically endangered. So why isn't it legally protected yet?

People might think that it’s a listing of ‘endangered’ under the Endangered Species Act, which is not true. The IUCN recognizes more species as endangered than the Endangered Species Act. ~ D. André Green II


Light pollution can disorient monarch butterflies

Biologists at the University of Cincinnati say nighttime light pollution can interfere with the remarkable navigational abilities of monarchs, which travel as far as Canada to Mexico and back during their multi-generational migration.

Researchers found that butterflies roosting at night near artificial illumination such as a porch or streetlight can become disoriented the next day because the light interferes with their circadian rhythms. Artificial light can impede the molecular processes responsible for the butterfly’s remarkable navigational ability and trigger the butterfly to take wing when it should be resting.

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