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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

Recent news

Welcome new faculty Allgeier and Winger

The warmest of EEB welcomes to our newest faculty members, Jacob Allgeier and Benjamin Winger. Both started Sept. 1, 2017 as assistant professors in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Celebration of EEB awards and promotions

Here’s a compilation of recent faculty promotions, awards and more to celebrate the accomplishments of the wonderful EEBers who comprise our department.


Hop, skip, run, leap: Unpredictability boosts survival for bipedal desert rodents

Sometimes it pays to be unpredictable. A new study shows that when bipedal desert rodents called jerboas are being chased, sudden changes in direction, gait and speed help them elude hungry predators and likely give them a competitive edge over their quadrupedal neighbors.

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