The Department of Afroamerican and African Studies hosted their annual Graduation Reception at the University of Michigan's Museum of Art on April 28, 2017. 

During the event, the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Elementary Choir performed for the audience. 

The Graduation Reception was followed by a dinner to celebrate the graduates. 


DAAS Graduate Sashes

The sashes/strips are purchased at the large cloth market in Ibadan, Nigeria, known as Oje Market. The strips are called aso oke, which in Yoruba means "cloth from the hills" --or country cloth. They are hand-woven on narrow-strip looms in southwestern Nigeria--where there is a long history of textile production.


B.A., Afroamerican and African Studies Graduates
  • Kiara Coleman
  • David Dawson
  • Elizabeth Gazley
  • Jose Gomez Jr.
  • Danielle Hooper
  • Camryn Jackson
  • Christina Johnson
  • Jasmine Rahming
  • Randal Smith
  • Ini Ubong
  • Marchelle Wallace-Hill


Minor, Afroamerican and African Studies
  • Nicholas Aquino
  • Eliza Borish
  • Brittany Boyle
  • Davina Buruchara
  • Nia Byrd
  • Reon Dawson
  • Lasherryn Duncan
  • Shelby Hawkins
  • DaRon Haywood
  • Marjai Kamara
  • Dominique King
  • Ruby Kirby
  • Naomi Smith
  • AnneMarie Torresen
  • William Sexton


Graduate Certificate - African American Studies
  • Titiana Cruz


Graduate Certificate - African Studies
  • Amanda Kaminsky
  • Andrew McIntyre
  • Claire Poelking