The Department of Afroamerican and African Studies is delighted to congratulate the 2012 recipient of the Visual and Popular Culture Pre-Doctoral Award; David Green Jr. David Green is a PhD candidate in American Culture as well as an active member of Black Humanities Collective (BHC). 

This award was established in 2010 in honor of the former Dean of the School of Social Work, Harold R. Johnson and in honor of Senior Vice-Provost of Academic Affairs and Professor of Music, Lester P. Monts. These two scholars have worked tirelessly to support intellectual diversity at the University of Michigan. This award recognizes a University of Michigan graduate student on the Ann Arbor campus who has exhibited an outstanding understanding of cultural diversity through scholarship focusing of visual and popular culture.

This award was established and funded by DAAS professor Robin Means-Coleman for a graduate student in DAAS and a student in Communication Studies. 
This recognition includes a monetary award that can be used in any manner the recipient may see fit to advance their research agenda.