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Gifts to CSCS

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Late last century, a diverse group of scholars with a shared intellectual interest in topics ranging from cooperation and adaptation to networks and systems began meeting informally to share ideas under the broad rubric of complexity studies. Those meetings included luminaries such as Arthur Burks, John Holland, Douglas Hofstader from Computer Science, Bob Axelrod and Michael Cohen from Political Science, Carl Simon from Economics and Mathematics, and William Hamilton from Biology. Those faculty members went on to great prominence winning MacArthur genius awards, Russell lectureships, and memberships in national academies. Their intellectual vision resulted in the creation of a formal center to study complexity.

Today, the Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS) is an interdisciplinary program at the University of Michigan that encourages and facilitates research and education in the general area of nonlinear, dynamical, and adaptive systems. Its core and affiliated faculty represent nearly every college of the university. 

CSCS supports a diverse body of research, training, and educational initiatives. These include a weekly seminar series, workshops, special events, and both an undergraduate Minor and a graduate Certificate Program. 


The Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS) features an outstanding roster of faculty who continue the tradition and evolution of interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research. The Center offers courses in complexity, networks, dynamics, and modeling in topics ranging from epidemiology and physics to public policy and sociology. As part of its educational mission, CSCS runs a graduate Certificate Program that attracts students from dozens of disciplines and an undergraduate Minor that attracts some of our brightest and most innovative undergraduate students. 


To continue its tradition of excellence and build on its strengths, CSCS will focus on creating more fellowships to attract and retain the very best graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, as well as supporting complex systems research and education at all levels, from undergraduate to faculty.

In order to further these goals we have three funds set up: 

The first fund is our newest, set up in 2021:

We suffered an incredible loss in 2021 with the passing of our fearless leader and human being extraordinaire -  Charlie Doering. While we all knew we were operating in the midst of a truly special man, we have learned how deeply profound an impact Charlie had on everyone he came in contact with. 

To honor Charlie we created the Charlie Doering Strategic Fund. Our goal is to create an endowed fund this year by raising the required amount of $25,000. In the short term, we will use endowment earnings to support professional development for postdoctoral fellows. Charlie viewed postdocs as an integral part of the Center. In the long term, our goal is to raise the necessary funds to support a permanent Charlie Doering Postdoctoral Fellowship.  Click to donate.

The second fund was set up in 2018.

This fund was set up after the passing of Rick Riolo; Complex Systems pioneer, founding member, researcher, and mentor beloved by many students. Rick loved teaching and had a great gift for getting students excited about complex systems. We felt the best way to honor him would be to set up an endowment that would fund an annual undergraduate research prize. Due to his popularity, the requisite $25,000 needed to start an endowment, was raised in the fall of 2018.  With additional fund earnings, we will expand the prize to additional prize recipients. 

Gifts to this fund will support an annual agent-based modeling (ABM) prize awarded to undergraduates and provide research support for graduate students involved in complex systems. Click to donate.

The third fund is the Complex Systems Gift Account.

This fund supports the full range of Center activities. Gifts to this account are not limited to specific prizes or postdoctoral support. 

Gifts to this fund will advance the science of complex systems by supporting interdisciplinary studies and agent-based modeling on dynamic systems, as well as our undergraduate minor, graduate certificate, seminar series, and special events. Click to donate.



Your gifts of cash, pledges, or appreciated securities change lives. Wills, estate, and planned gifts allow you to create a lasting legacy that will enable the best and brightest minds to experience a liberal arts education, solve problems in a changing world, and yield ideas and innovations that will make a difference in Michigan and around the globe. 



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Call 888.518.7888 or mail check to:

Center for the Study of Complex Systems
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Please make your check payable to the University of Michigan and specify which fund you are supporting in the check memo.