The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures celebrated our undergraduate graduates from the 2018-19 Academic Year at our Commencement Reception on Friday, May 3, 2019. Visit Facebook to view the photo album from the event.

Professor Michael Makin with Russian Majors Mikayla Easely and Amelia Fueka

Russian Majors

Mikayla Easley

Amelia Fueka

Professor Michael Makin with Russian Minors Jason Dean and Eleanor Zinn

Russian Language, Literature & Culture Minors

Brennan Corcoran

Jason Dean

Anna Haynes

Matthew Montaquila

Will Simpson Carter

Morgan Vandevelde

Megan Wenzlaff

Eleanor Zinn

Polish minors Michael Lichomski and Izabella Puchalski with Dr. Piotr Westwalewicz

Polish Language, Literature & Culture Minors

Michael Lichomski

Victoria Peruski

Izabella Puchalski

BCS minors Nejra Malanovic (left) and Allison Radman (right) with Marija Rosic (center)

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language, Literature & Culture Minors

Natasa Krstevski

Nejra Malanovic

Allison Radman

Ewa Pasek with Czech minor Michael McGrath

Czech Language, Literature & Culture Minor

Michael McGrath

The Slavic department also celebrated the Excellence in Language awards and the 2018-19 Essay awards at the reception on May 3, 2019.