The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures awarded 2018-19 Academic Year students at our Commencement Reception on Friday, May 3, 2019. Professor Michael Makin presented the essay and project awards.

Best written work in a language studied in the Slavic Department:

Eric Mishulin (Russian 202, Christopher Fort), “Mother's Phone Call”

Honorable mentions:

Hannah Parton (Russian 302, Nina Shkolnik), “Кавказский пленник”

Nathan Ojo (Russian 402, Nina Shkolnik), “Лидеры с гитарами"

Best paper in a student’s native language:

Jagienka Timek (Slavic 150, Ania Aizman), “Absurdism and Reality”

Honorable mentions:

Nikhil Dwibhashyam (Slavic 150, Ania Aizman), “Nonsense and Absurdity: Purposive Obnoxiousness as an Artistic Technique”

Madeleine Gannon (Slavic 151, Piotr Westwalewicz), “Burn Down the Factory: The Musical Rebellions of Talking Heads and Republika”

Gregory Severin (Slavic 312, Herbert Eagle), “Let's be Spoiled, Too. Commentaries on Socialist Paternalism Through Film”

Best special project:

Russian 302 and Russian 402 student play performances, "Garage"