The Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies will present 12 events for the Winter 2014 term. All programs take place in 1014 Tisch Hall and are free and open to the public.

January 16 (4 PM)
Thomas LaMarre, James McGill Professor in East Asian Studies and Associate in Communications Studies, McGill University
Seminar: "From Cyberspace to Mobile Phones: A History of Expanded Television"
Commentators: Megan Ankerson and Lisa Nakamura; chair: Leslie Pincus 

January 17 (12 PM) 
Thomas LaMarre, McGill University
Workshop: "One Frame at a Time: Decoding Anime"

January 30 (4 PM)
Nancy Rose Hunt, Professor of History, University of Michigan
"Lecture: "Form = Material ??? Flywhisks and Catastrophe Logic in a Colonial Milieu"

January 31 (12 PM)
Benjamin Schmidt, Assistant Professor of History, Northeastern University
Workshop: "History for the Digital Future: Digital Forms of Historical Scholarship"

February 13 (4 PM)
Juliana Barr, Associate Professor and Jessie Ball duPont-Magid Term Professor, History, University of Florida
Lecture: "Cross Cultures: Spanish Travelers on Indian Highways in the 16th-Century Southwest"

February 14 (12 PM)
Graduate Student Workshop
Panelists: Juliana Barr, Sophie Hunt, Jeremy Ledger, Andrew Rutledge, Susan Juster (chair)

March 13 (4 PM)
Roger Bagnall, Leon Levy Director and Professor of Ancient History at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University
Lecture: "Materializing Papyrology"

March 14 (12 PM)
Graduate Student Workshop
Panelists: Roger Bagnall, Graham Claytor, Jonathan Farr, Jonathan McLaughlin, Katherine French (chair) 

March 27 (4 PM)
Elizabeth Edwards, Research Professor of Photographic History and Director of the Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University
Lecture: "Folded in Time: Thoughts on a Photograph Album"

March 28 (12 PM)
Graduate Student Workshop
Panelists: Elizabeth Edwards, Tara Dosumu Diener, Rachel Miller, Anne Berg (chair)

April 3 (4 PM)
Roundtable: "Detroit Plural"
Panelists: Maria Cotera, Austin McCoy, Stephen Ward, Charlie Bright (chair)

April 10 (4 PM)
Kathryn Babayan, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Armenian Studies Program, University of Michigan
Lecture: "'Libraries of the Mind:' Cultures of Literacy in 17th-Century Isfahan"