This Spring and Summer terms, the Department of American Culture and the English Language Institute (ELI) have partnered to expand and promote the University of Michigan's MigrantWorker Outreach and Education Program.  Our undergraduate students will have new opportunities to serve their community and earn course credit as they register for AMCULT/LATINOAM 361 and AMCULT/LATINOAM 362. This innovative two-course sequence draws students from across campus who are committed to social justice and desire to expand their own intercultural competencies for their future careers.  Selected students will find a challenging academic experience as student teachers with diverse local populations with mixed proficiency in speaking and reading English.  The Spring course (361) will allow students to develop reflective teaching practices and explore the themes of "Language and Community." During the Summer term, students take their new academic skills directly into the community as they provide services like English language instruction, interpreting, or information on local resources.  Alumni of thisprogram attest to the many ways that it enhanced their ability at quick thinking and provided them with a savvy and sophisticated view of the rapidly changing national demographics. 

Students seeking more information should email