image of students looking through binoculars

Enjoy a few images from Spring Session 2015, including this one by Melanie Florkowski.

Photo of 2015 Oceanography class

Field Methods in Great Lakes Oceanography class (note Mackinac Bridge in background).

image of student looking at plant specimins

Ethnobotany students review species at "Plant TV."

photo of a snapping turtle

"We had a visitor to camp this weekend" wrote photographer Kyle Anderson.

photo of students in Cheboygan Marsh

General Ecology students explore Cheboygan Marsh.

image of students deploying equipment from boat deck of the R.V. Laurentian

"Truly a wonderful experience," says photographer Mary Zinn of her time in the Oceanography class.

silhouette of students studying

The "Chatterbox" offers wifi, study tables and great sunset views.

image of columbine flower

Columbine photograph by student Thomas Bulthuis.

image of class on boardwalk at Grass Bay

General Ecology class en route to Grass Bay.

image of students  canoing

"Where else can you go swimming and canoeing with your prof," asks Biology of Birds student Michael Henry.

Welcome to UMBS

Our students use the northern Great Lakes region as their classroom.  They learn about the world by spending each day immersed in it.  By visiting habitats, collecting samples and observing interactions students face and become adept at addressing challenges a lab can’t begin to replicate.  

And they do it side by side with friends and faculty in a highly interactive community.  Students and researchers spend each day talking, dining, and relaxing with each other.  Ideas are exchanged over ice cream.  These relationships are as important to advancing scientific knowledge as our research.

Through these interactions, participants become flexible thinkers and creative analysts – just the kind of people the world needs to address our most pressing global problems.

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