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BioBlitz Detroit 2017: discovering biodiversity in the city

“The pure excitement of the kids as they discover and engage with the nature around them is truly contagious and I always come away having learned many new things from the community that comes out for this event." ~Michelle Fearon

- Gail Kuhnlein

Category: Graduate; Outreach

Tags: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Anat Belasen; Beatriz Otero Jimenez; John Vandermeer; Michelle Fearon; Kristel Sanchez; Paul Glaum; Molly Choi; Nicholas Medina; Pamela Murillo; Sasha Bishop

On U-M Gateway: three species of tiny frogs discovered in Peruvian Andes

Given that the newly discovered frog species live in the Pui Pui Protected Forest, much of their habitat is formally protected. However, amphibians worldwide face multiple threats—and Andean amphibians are no exception.

- Jim Erickson

Tags: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Daniel Rabosky; Rudolf von May

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