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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

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Duffy invited as main stage speaker for DC March for Science

EEB Professor Meghan Duffy said she hopes the March for Science encourages the general public to think more about how society benefits when there's strong support for science and to realize that investing in science makes a lot of sense economically.

LSA and the March for Science

The March for Science took place this weekend in Washington, D.C., and more than 600 other cities around the world. Some LSA scientists are looking to stretch this historical moment into a movement—to demonstrate that science is worth protecting.


Topographically complex areas hold much of Earth’s biodiversity

Topographically complex regions, such as mountain ranges, contain many of the world’s diversity hotspots today, and harbor a high proportion of species vulnerable to extinction. Thus, these regions have high conservation value, especially in light of habitat conversion and climate change.

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