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Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Report from the Penthouse Professors Emeriti

The C. C. Little fifth floor emeritus office checks in.

GSA Annual Meeting, Baltimore 2015

Four scientific sessions at the 2015 Baltimore GSA meeting celebrated the research and careers of Ben van der Pluijm and Rob Van der Voo.

Giving Blueday is Coming!

One day. 24 hours. That’s 1,440 minutes to support what you love about MichiganEarth.
On December 1, from midnight through 11:59pm EST, you can be a victor for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Gifts of any size make a difference.

Give back to MichiganEarth on Giving BlueDay to support our students!



Prof Dan Fisher led a team of U-M paleontologists excavated a mammoth near Ann Arbor in early October 2015.

The team recovered about 20 percent of the animal's bones, including the skull and two tusks, numerous vertebrae and ribs, the pelvis and both shoulder blades.