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Michigan Today: Lovely Bones

The most complete ice age mastodon skeleton found in Michigan since the 1940s was recovered this month from the state’s Thumb region by a University of Michigan-led team that included Tuscola County teachers who volunteered for the dig.

New U-M Bristle Mammoth exhibit highlights the 'unfolding process of discovery'

The Bristle Mammoth exhibit opens to the public Nov. 5. And unlike most other museum exhibits, the designers left empty space to accommodate additional research findings and mammoth remains that could be added in the future.

GivingBlueDay November 29

From midnight through 11:59 p.m. EST, you can be a victor for Michigan by making a gift to support what you are most passionate about at U-M. Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference. You can even increase the size of your gift with funding from matching gifts and challenges that you can participate in throughout the day. No matter where you are, or the time of day, you can support what you love about Michigan.


"Bristle Mammoth" Exhibit Highlights First Year's Findings



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