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Geometry & Topology


Each year the department offers two undergraduate courses and six graduate courses in topology. 
The undergraduate course,

is largely taken by undergraduate concentrators in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering.
The undergraduate course,

is taken by undergraduate concentrators in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering and also by graduate students, usually from departments other than the Mathematics Department.

There is a 3 semester sequence of introductory graduate courses in topology.

A topics class,

is offered twice a year, and occasional topics courses with other numbers are also offered. Recent topics include:

  • Geometric Group Theory (F14, Canary)
  • B-model Topological Strings (W14, Ruan)
  • Advanced Algebraic Topology (F13, Kriz)
  • Teichmuller theory and its generalizations (W13, Canary)
  • Introduction to Floer Theories (F12, Burns)
  • 3-manifolds (W12, Scott)
  • Mirror symmetry (F11, Ruan)
  • K3 surfaces (W11, Ruan)
  • Spaces of non-positive curvature (F10, Souto)

A topics class is offered once a year, Math 696 Topics in Algebraic Topology,


The topology seminar is held weekly during the Fall and Winter terms. This is an informal forum which welcomes talks on any topic of geometric interest. Participants include mathematics faculty and graduate students. The schedule is here.

Current Thesis Students (Advisor)

D. Ellis (Kriz), J. Holler (Kriz), D. Renardy (Canary), A. Schaug (Ruan), R. Silversmith (Ruan), M. Zhang (Ruan).

Recent Graduates

  • Pedro Acosta
    • Dissertation: A General Landau-Ginzburg/Gromov-Witten Correspondence
    • Advisor: Yongbin Ruan, 2015
    • First Position: University of Minnesota
  • Tengren Zhang
    • Dissertation: Degeneration of Hitchin Representations
    • Advisor: Dick Canary, 2015
    • First Position: California Institute of Technology
  • Emily Clader
    • Dissertation: The Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau correspondence for certain complete intersections
    • Advisor: Yongbin Ruan, 2014
    • First Position: ETH Zurich 
  • Nathan Priddis
    • Dissertation: A Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau correspondence for the mirror quintic 
    • Advisor: Yongbin Ruan, 2014 
    • First Position: Leibniz Universitaet Hannover 
  • William Abram
    • Dissertation: Equivariant Complex Cobordism
    • Advisor: Igor Kriz, 2013
    • First Position: Hillsdale College
  • Yefeng Shen
    • Dissertation: Gromov-Witten theory of elliptic orbifold projective lines
    • Advisor: Yongbin Ruan, 2013
    • First Position: Kavli IPMU
  • Mark Shoemaker
    • Dissertation: Mirror Theorem for the Mirror Quintic
    • Advisor: Yongbin Ruan, 2013
    • First Position: University of Utah
  • Robin Lassonde
    • Dissertation: Splittings of non-finitely generated groups
    • Advisor: Peter Scott, 2012
    • First Position: East Agile
  • Michelle Lee
    • Dissertation: Dynamics on the PSL(2, C)-character variety of certain hyperbolic 3-manifolds
    • Advisor: Dick Canary, 2012
    • First Position: University of Maryland
  • Jordan Sahattchieve
    • Dissertation: Solutions to two open problems in geometric group theory
    • Advisor: Peter Scott, 2012
    • First Position:
  • NIna White
    • Dissertation: Bounds on Eigenvalues of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator for Certain Classes of Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
    • Advisor: Juan Souto, 2012
    • First Position: University of Michigan
  • Daniel Kneezel
    • Dissertation: Verlinde K-theory
    • Advisor: Igor Kriz, 2011
    • First Position:
  • Johanna Mangahas 
    • Dissertation: A Recipe for Short-word Pseudo-Anosovs, and More
    • Advisor: Juan Souto, 2010
    • First Position: Brown University
  • Kyle Ormsby
    • Dissertation: Computations in Stable Motivic Homotopy Theory
    • Advisor: Igor Kriz, 2010
    • First Position: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Marc Krawitz 
    • Dissertation: FJRW Rings and Landau-Ginzburg Mirror Symmetry
    • Advisor: Yongbin Ruan, 2010
    • First Position: McKinsey & Co.
  • David Constantine 
    • Dissertation: Hyperbolic rank-rigidity and compact forms of homogeneous spaces
    • Advisor: Ralf Spatzier, 2009
    • First Position: University of Chicago
  • Paul Johnson 
    • Dissertation: Equivariant Gromov-Witten theory of one-dimensional stacks
    • Advisor: Yongbin Ruan, 2009
    • First Position: Imperial College, London
  • Cagatay Kutluhan
    • Dissertation: Floer homology and symplectic forms on S1xM3
    • Advisor: Dan Burns, 2009
    • First Position: MSRI, Berkeley
  • Aaron Magid 
    • Dissertation: Deformation spaces of Kleinian groups are not locally connected
    • Advisor: Dick Canary, 2009
    • First Position: University of Maryland
  • J. Gomez-Guerra
    • Dissertation: Models of twisted K-theory
    • Advisor: Igor Kriz, 2008
    • First Position: University of British Columbia
  • Diane Vavrichek
    • Dissertation: Accessibility and JSJ decompositions of groups
    • Advisor: Peter Scott, 2008
    • First Position: SUNY Binghamton
  • Eric Zupunski
    • Dissertation: A bound on the complexity of the JSJ decomposition in the bounded case
    • Advisor: Peter Scott, 2007
    • First Position:
  • Ilesanmi Adeboye
    • Dissertation: Volumes of hyperbolic orbifolds
    • Advisor: Dick Canary, 2006
    • First Position: University of Southern California
  • Tom Fiore
    • Dissertation: Pseudo limits, bi-adjoints, and pseudo algebras: categorical foundations of conformal field theory
    • Advisor: Igor Kriz, 2005
    • First Position: University of Chicago
  • Craig Westerland
    • Dissertation: Stable splittings of configuration spaces of surfaces and related mapping spaces
    • Advisor: Igor Kriz, 2004
    • First Position: Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
  • Elizabeth Klodginski
    • Dissertation: Essential surfaces in fibered 3-manifolds
    • Advisor: Peter Scott, 2003
    • First Position: UC Davis
  • Peter Storm
    • Dissertation: The barycenter method on singular spaces
    • Advisor: Dick Canary, 2003
    • First Position: University of Chicago