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New video: Edwin S. George Reserve turtle research and more

The video captures the beauty of the University of Michigan field station in early June including the diversity of habitats and wildlife.

- Gail Kuhnlein

Category: Graduate; Museum of Zoology

Tags: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Herbarium; Robyn Burnham

Piscatory paradox: Frigid polar oceans, not balmy coral reefs, are species-formation hot spots for marine fishes

Over the past several million years, cool-water and polar ocean fishes formed new species twice as fast as the average species of tropical fish, according to the new study, which was published July 4, 2018 in the journal Nature.

- Jim Erickson, Michigan News

Category: Research; Museum of Zoology; Museum of Paleontology; Daniel Rabosky; Pascal Title; Matt Friedman; Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Tags: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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