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Miscellaneous Publications

MP 10 Wood N.A., 1/2/1923.
A preliminary survey of the bird life of North Dakota. $6.80

MP 19 Van Tyne, J., 1/17/1929.
The life history of the toucan Ramphastos brevicarinatus. OOP

MP 27 Van Tyne J., 1/2/1935.
The birds of northern Petén Guatemala. $3.70

MP 33 Van Tyne J., 1/2/1936.
The discovery of the nest of the Colima Warbler (Vermivora crissalis). $1.50

MP 37 Van Tyne J., G.M. Sutton, 1/2/1937.
The birds of Brewster County, Texas. $9.00

MP 41 Hyde A.S., 1/2/1939.
The life history of Henslow's Sparrow, Passerherbulus henslowi (Audubon). OOP

MP 44 Trautman M.B., 1/2/1940.
The birds of Buckeye Lake, Ohio. $24.75

MP 55 Brodkorb P., 1/2/1943.
Birds from the gulf lowlands of southern Mexico. $6.60

MP 74 Sutton G.M., 1/2/1949.
Studies of the nesting birds of the Edwin S. George Reserve, Part I: The Vireos. $3.60

MP 75 Wood, N.A., 1/2/1951.
The birds of Michigan. $29.50

MP 81 Tordoff H.B., 1/20/1954.
A systematic study of the avian family Fringillidae, based on the structure of the skull. $5.00

MP 85 Berger A.J., 1/2/1954.
The myology of the pectoral appendage of three genera of American cuckoos. $3.00

MP 102 Cottrille W.P., B.D. Cottrille, 1/2/1958.
Great Blue Heron: behavior at the nest. $1.20

MP 113 Burt, W. H. 5/25/1960.
Bacula of North American mammals. OOP

MP 125 Mumford R.E., 1/2/1964.
The breeding biology of the Acadian Flycatcher. $4.00

MP 136 Ligon J.D., 1/2/1968.
The biology of the elf owl, Micrathene whitneyi. OOP

MP 139 Zusi R.L., R.W. Storer, 1/2/1969.
Osteology and myology of the head and neck of the pied-billed grebes (Podilymbus). $4.2

MP 150 Payne R.B., C.J. Risley, 1/2/1976.
Systematics and evolutionary relationships among the herons (Ardeidae). $9.00

MP 162 Payne R.B., 1/2/1982.
Species limits in the indigobirds (Ploceidae, Vidua) of West Africa: mouth mimicry, song mimicry, and description of new species. $10.80

MP 164 Payne R.B., 1/2/1983.
A distributional checklist of the birds of Michigan. OOP

MP 172 Goodman S.M., Meininger P.L., Mulliz W.C., 1/1/1986.
The birds of the Egyptian western desert. $11.40

MP 174 Storer R.W., 1/1/1988.
Type specimens of birds in the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. $7.00

MP 179 McKitrick M.C., 1/1/1991.
Phylogenetic analysis of avian hindlimb musculature. $9.60

MP 188 Storer R.W., 1/1/2000.
The metazoan parasite fauna of grebes (Aves: Podicipediformes) and its relationship to the birds' biology. $27.00

MP 191 Storer R.W., 1/1/2002.
The metazoan parasite fauna of loons (Aves: Gaviiformes), its relationship to the birds' evolutionary history and biology, and a comparison with the parasite fauna of grebes. $13.20

MP 194 Payne R.B., 1/1/2005.
Nestling mouth markings and colors of old world finches Estrildidae: mimicry and coevolution of nesting finches and their Vidua brood parasites. $20.00

MP 195 Binford L.C., 1/1/2006.
Birds of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. $30.00