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Museum of Zoology

Recent News

EEB photo for the ages

The EEB group photo and an identification key will be placed in a 100-year time capsule that will be sealed beneath one of the pumas that flank the front entrance of the Museum of Natural History.

Video celebrates successful museum specimen move

“It really is a moment to celebrate,” said EEB Professor Christopher Dick, curator and associate chair for museum collections.

Research Feature

The Digitizing begins...

The Museum of Zoology got a massive equipment upgrade!!! A new microCT system has delivered to the Research Museums Center (RMC) and will reside adjacent to the #UMMZ collections. The microCT will allow museum researchers the ability to digitize the nearly 15 million zoological specimens, as well as other University of Michigan collections housed at the RMC. Currently, Alison Davis Rabosky, Dan Rabosky, Cody Thompson, and Priscilla Tucker are working on a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, which will digitize ALL vertebrate genera. More projects are to come...

Please NoteThe Museum of Zoology is a research facility. It is not usually open to the public. Please refer to the Museum of Natural History website if you wish to visit.