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Museum of Zoology

Recent News

Stunning Insect Collection Donated to the UMMZ!

The UMMZ Insect Division just acquired Paul and Virginia Howcroft’s beautifully preserved insect collection.

BATting 1000: Auteri wins awards for bat conservation research

Giorgia Auteri presented a talk titled "Good genes or good luck? Little brown bats show signs of evolutionary adaptation to white-nose syndrome."

Research Feature

RMC Prairie Pre-Restoration Site Cleanup-April 6, 2019 **Update!

A huge thank you to all the wonderful volunteers we had come out to help with the RMC prairie cleanup!! It was an absolutely beautiful day and we really appreciate all your hard work to help make this project a success. Also, a big thank you to the Grounds Department, the Botanical Gardens, and everyone else who lent us rakes for for the cleanup!!  RMC Prairie Restoration Committee


The purpose of the cleanup was to remove as much of the dead matted plant material covering the site as possible in order to expose parts of the soil for our cover cop seed to take root. All of the lawn grass and weeds were killed off last fall, but the dead plant material left behind was covering most of the soil which would prevent the cover crop from finding soil and light to germinate. By removing the extra thatch from most of the ground the cover crop will be able to germinate and take root. Once established, the cover crop will keep weeds and erosion out over the summer and early fall. After that we will conduct a controlled burn for the site and then plant the native prairie seeds before winter sets in. 

Stay tuned for more RMC prairie restoration events and announcements. To signup for our email group, Prairie Restoration Project, send an email to:


A University of Michigan EEB led team documented 15 rare predator-prey interactions in the Amazon rainforest including images and video of a dinner plate-size tarantula dragging a young opossum.

Warning to arachnophobes: The video below is the stuff of nightmares!

(more information)

The Digitizing begins...

The Museum of Zoology got a massive equipment upgrade!!! A new microCT system has delivered to the Research Museums Center (RMC) and will reside adjacent to the #UMMZ collections. The microCT will allow museum researchers the ability to digitize the nearly 15 million zoological specimens, as well as other University of Michigan collections housed at the RMC. Currently, Alison Davis Rabosky, Dan Rabosky, Cody Thompson, and Priscilla Tucker are working on a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, which will digitize ALL vertebrate genera. More projects are to come...

Please NoteThe Museum of Zoology is a research facility. It is not usually open to the public. Please refer to the Museum of Natural History website if you wish to visit.