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CT Scanning

MicroCT Scanning Laboratory


The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (UMMZ) Micro(µ)CT Scanning Laboratory can allow researchers to generate high resolution tomographic data of bone, fossils, and contrast enhanced tissues. These data can include 3D surface visualizations of anatomy and morphology, that can facilitate morphometric studies, phylogenetics analysis, and biomechanics modelling. 

The UMMZ µCT Scanning Laboratory owns and operates a Nikon XT H 225ST µCT Scanner. The specifications are found below. The UMMZ µCT Scanning Laboratory operates under all LARA, MIOSHA, and OSEH safety guidelines. All scanning is conducted or supervised by the Lab Manager. Specimen access should be arranged by the user ahead of time with the appropriate UMMZ collections manager.

●     Maximum resolution: 3-5 µm, most zoological specimens will be scanned between 10.2µm and 100µm.

●     Maximum Kilo-Volts: 225 kV, most specimens scanned at 120 kV to 200 kV.

●     Maximum specimen size: About as large as raccoon/opossum. However, we have been able to scan several large snakes by coiling them.

The UMMZ micro CT-scanner: Nikon XT H 225ST

Scheduling: Please complete the CT Scanning Request Form to obtain a quote from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (UMMZ) micro-Computed Tomography (uCT) Scanning Core. Please answer all questions in this form to the best of your knowledge so that an accurate quote can be provided. Please note that it may take up to 10 business days to receive a response. Additional details may be required to provide a final quote.

Rates: We offer 3 service types, which are charged at different rates based on affiliation.

Service 1: Specimen Preparation, Data Analysis, Data Management, and/or Training by Core Technician. All projects are charged 1 hour of Service 1 to cover administrative costs.
Service 2: Data Acquisition by Core Technician.
Service 3: Data Acquisition & Analysis by User (must be trained by technician ahead of time - see service 1).

Internal University of Michigan Service Rates:
Service 1: $40.00/hour
Service 2: $21.50/hour
Service 3: $31.50 hour

External Academic/Non-Commercial Rates:
Service 1: $80/hour
Service 2: $43/hour
Service 3: $63/hour

External Commercial Rates:
Service 1: $200.00/hour
Service 2: $107.50/hour
Service 3: $157.50/hour

Location: The UMMZ uCT Scanning Core is located at the Research Museums Center, 3600 Varsity Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48108.

Lab Manager - Ramon Nagesan

Director - Dan Rabosky (