Sven Nyholm has been awarded a Rackham ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award. ProQuest awards serve to recognize exceptional and unusually interesting dissertations, as well as overall academic accomplishments. Sven is one of ten recipients of this award among all 2012 Rackham graduates. He defended his dissertation, On the Universal Law and Humanity Formulas, under the supervision of professors Elizabeth Anderson and Sarah Buss. He argues that by maxims fit to serve as universal laws, Kant means basic guiding principles in accordance with which we preserve and fully realize our distinctive nature or, as Kant also calls it, our humanity. That is why, in choosing our maxims on the basis of their fitness to serve as universal laws, we treat the humanity in each person as an end: we govern ourselves in ways intended to both preserve and fully realize the humanity in each person. Sven is now a Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (the German equivalent of an assistant professor) at University of Cologne. Congratulations Sven!