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Infrastructure and Equipment

Our laboratories support the research of faculty, postdoctoral researchers, staff, students, and visiting scholars. They are vital for specimen-based data collection, teaching, public display, and dissemination of information, as well as for the long-term conservation of our collections.
Facilities are located in three buildings:

  • Research Museums Center (RMC) - Houses primary research collections, associated laboratories, and collections manager offices.
  • Biological Sciences Building (BSB) - Houses faculty and most staff offices, some research and all teaching collections, open lab and satellite research spaces, preparation lab, and classroom for specimen-based teaching.
  • North University Building (NUB) - Houses Computed Tomography in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (CTEES) lab.

Research Collection Organization

Functions of these spaces include but are not limited to specimen organization and storage.


  • Vertebrate and Paleobotany Range (RMC 1850)
  • Invertebrate Range (RMC 1860)
  • Vertebrate Range Annex (RMC 1760)
  • Active Research Collection (BSB 3104A)


  • Lifts

Fossil Collection, Preparation, and Conservation

Functions of these spaces include but are not limited to mechanical and chemical preparation of fossils, consolidation of fossil specimens, molding and casting of specimens, and creation of storage cradles for delicate specimens.

For ways to get involved, see the Academics Section of the website.


  • Visible Preparation Lab (BSB 1160A)
  • Chemical Preparation Lab (RMC 1860)
  • Mechanical Preparation Lab (RMC 1870)
  • Sample Preparation Lab (BSB 1160D)
  • Field Equipment Room (BSB B109)


  • Air scribes (BSB, RMC)
  • Air dent machine (BSB)
  • A variety of pin vises and needles (BSB, RMC)
  • Microscopes and light boxes (SBS, RMC)
  • Archival consolidants and adhesives (BSB, RMC)
  • Dust removal air handling system with movable snorkels (BSB, RMC)
  • Fume hoods (BSB, RMC)
  • Sink for chemical preparation (RMC)

Fossil Examination and Imaging

Two- and three-dimensional imaging of fossil specimens with visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray is supported by a variety of equipment located in several labs.


  • CTEES Micro CT Lab (NUB 1607)
  • Optical Microscopy Room (BSB 3014E)
  • BSB 3104E Photogrammetry Room (BSB 3104E)
  • Macro Imaging Room (BSB B102)
  • 2D X-Ray Imaging Room (RMC 1312A)
  • Paleontology Open Labs (BSB 3014, RMC 1820)
  • UV/IR Imaging Room (RMC 1830)
  • Digital Reconstruction Room (BSB 3014C)
  • Computation Room (BSB 4234)


  • Nikon 225XT ST micro-computed tomography scanner (NUB)
  • Kodex digital radiography suite (RMC)
  • SLR cameras and lenses (BSB, RMC)
  • Copystand (BSB, RMC)
  • Manual and semi-automatic turntables and tents for photogrammetry, turntable system for RTI (BSB, RMC)
  • Infrared, ultraviolet, and polarized light sources and associated filters (RMC)
  • Stereo microscopes (BSB, RMC)
  • Focus-stacking microscope (BSB)
  • PC workstations with segmentation software (BSB)

Teaching and Instruction


  • Specimen-based Teaching Lab (BSB 1110)
  • Teaching Preparation Lab (BSB 1145)
  • Teaching Collection (BSB 1150)


  • Stereo microscopes
  • Monitors