In November of 2012, the teaching labs for General Biology 173 in the Undergraduate Science Building earned the silver rating from the Office of Campus Sustainability. Rooms 2114-15 and 2122-23 in the USB Teaching Laboratory are part of the MCDB and EEB Biology program. The course uses a large volume of varied materials for instructional purposes. Each week students are engaged in a different activity and experiment. Knowledge of sustainability will help encourage and enhance student involvement in this effort.

The lab supervisory team includes lab/classroom services technicians Mark Brahce, Carrie Stevens, Chris Davis, Charles Davey (not pictured), and Dennis Drobeck. Sudhakar Reddy is the  coordinator of sustainable labs from the Office of Campus Sustainability. The team received special wall clocks and a certificate of recognition.

Learn more about the biology labs earning Silver Sustainable Lab status. For more on the University's sustainable labs, visit the Sustainable Lab Recognition Program Website.