Designing Robots, Designing Humans was a three-day seminar discussing "our posthuman future" held in Copenhagen during March, 2014. Professor Robertson gave three lectures:

  • “Robot Genders”
    This presentation explores and interrogates the gendering of humanoid robots manufactured today in Japan for employment in the home, hospital, theatre, and workplace.
  • “Robot Rights vs Human Rights: Forecasts from Japan"
    The possibility of robots acquiring civil status before flesh-and-blood humans raises profound questions about the nature of agency, citizenship, coexistence, and the very concept and definition of humanness.
  • “Cyborg Able-ism”
    This presentation explores and interrogates the development and application of robotic prosthetic devices that effectively transform senior and disabled persons into human machine hybrids.

Robertson is on the Board of ROCA (Robot Culture and Aesthetics), based at the University of Copenhagen.

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