Below is a selected list of 2014-2015 publications by students, graduates, and faculty of the Helen Zell Writers' Program.

Books and Chapbooks

Scott Beal: Wait 'Til You Have Real Problems, poetry, Dzanc Books, 2014

Matthew Hittinger: The Erotic Postulate, poetry, Sibling Rivalry Press, September 2014. "There are three variant covers from which you can choose (or collect all three!), featuring paintings by the talented Provincetown-based artist Christopher Sousa. You can also purchase the book as part of SRP's fall subscription where you will get the three fall titles for $30 in a bundle: my collection along with Stephen S. Mill's A History of the Unmarried and Brent Calderwood's The God of Longing."

Laura Kasischke: The Infinitesimals, poetry, Copper Canyon, 2014.

Bruce Lack: Service, winner of the Walt McDonald First Book Contest in Poetry, forthcoming from Texas Tech University Press, 2015. 

Nate Marshall: Wild Hundreds, poetry, winner of the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize and forthcoming from the University of Pittsburgh Press in 2015. 

Chris McCormick: Desert Boys, a novel in stories, forthcoming from Picador. 

Rebecca Scherm: Unbecoming, a novel, January 2015. 

Brittani Sonnenberg: Home Leave, a novel, Grand Central Publishing, 2014. The New Yorker online chose it as a June "book to watch out for" and Real Simple chose it as one of their "best summer books."


Michael Byers: "Boarder," American Short Fiction, Fall 2014.

Bradford Kammin: "Hunger Season," Tampa Review #47/48, May 2014; "Oil Spill," Arts & Letters #28, Spring 2014; "Ernest Waltham Sells His Last Remaining Holstein," Cimarron Review #188, Summer 2014.

Emily McLaughlin: "Waiting for Kurt," Vice, Fiction Issue, 2014.

Sharon Pomerantz: "The New Louise," The Missouri Review, Summer 2014. 

Jess Row: "The Ax," Tin House #60, 2014; "The Empties," The New Yorker, November 3, 2014.


Scott Beal: "To a Sports Talk Caller Who'd Refused to Cheer a Gay Athlete Because He 'Just Don't Get It,'" Southern Indiana Review, Spring 2014. 

Russell Brakefield: "Ruby Creek Road," Southern Indiana Review, Spring 2014. 

Alex Cigale: Translations: "Tramp" and "The Skydweller's Nail" by Amarsana Ulzytuev, Hayden's Ferry Review; "An Invective" by Gennady Katsov in Blue Lyra Review anthology, Winter 2014-2015; Long selection from Mikhail Nilin's book-length poem Accidental Selection in Gobshite 14; "Out of the first comet's snow" by Alexander Ulanov in Southeast Review, and "The wind pales..." and "Among the houses..." in Tupelo Quarterly 4; Two poems by Dmitry Kuzmin in Zymbol 4; "from After Paradjanov's Color of Pomegranates"; "The Idea of Disorder in Key West" in Canary; "The Saw Lady and the Sound of Music" in Tampa Review (42).

Leah Falk: "Chatterbot #1, Field #89, 2014; "Prosthesis," Cutbank #80, 2014; "Triptik," Tusculum Review 10, 2014; "Improvisations for Southeast Ohio," Hunger Mountain #18, 2014; "Mnemonic for a Homecoming," "Words for My Mother Moving House," "House of Doubt," "Where Were You When," Adirondack Review, Summer 2014. 

Laura Kasischke: "Executioner as Muse," New England Review 35(3), 2014.

Derek Mong: "Upon Learning That All the Gold in the World Would Fill Just Two Olympic Swimming Pools," 99 Poems for the 99 Percent: An Anthology of Poetry, 2014; "First Heartbeat," Cincinnati Poetry Review, 11(1), Summer 2014; "I Call My Journal Robert W. Shields," Cimarron Review #186, Winter 2014. Translations (with Anne O. Fisher) of the Poetry of Maxim Amelin (Russian, born 1970): "Teach Me to Beseech You," "In August the Stars Shoot Through the Night Air," "I Wish I Owned My Own Home," "The Hulking Carcass of a Dead Orca," Reunion: The Dallas Review, 2014; "Temple with an Arcade," "Vindictive Goddess, Statue Now Woken," "Why Repeat Ourselves?" Jacket2, August 6, 2014; "Rising at Morning From My Graveside," "I'm Thirty But Feel Three Hundred," "Long Now You've Lounged in Earth," Asmptote, January 14, 2014.

Kevin Phan: "Night Bells in a Landscape," Crab Orchard Review, 19(1), 2014; "Some Things Which Filled Us with a Sense of Loitering," Crab Orchard Review, Summer/Fall 2014. 

Paisley Rekdal: "Birthday Poem," New England Review 35(3), 2014. 

Articles and Essays 

Leah Falk: "Song of Ourselves," The Jewish Daily Forward, 2014; "We Cannot Control the Traffic: On Claude Lanzmann's The Last of the Unjust," Los Angeles Review of Books, 2014; "Performance Anxiety: When Poets Read Aloud," The Millions, 2014. 

Derek Mong: "Resisting the Art of Entropy Triumphant: An Interview with Maxim Amelin" (conducted with Anne O. Fisher), Jacket2, August 6, 2014. 

Sharon Pomerantz: An essay in Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting it Wrong, edited by Jessica Bacal, Penguin, May 2014. 

Jess Row: "A Confession," Granta #128, 2014.

Rocco Samuele: "Contexts Have Shifted: At the Intersection of JR" in Cincinnati & Susan Sontag's On Photography, Guernica: A Magazine of Art and Politics, April 25, 2014. 


Victoria Chang: A review of The Boss by Dana Koster, Mantis #12, 2014.

Leah Falk: A review of Linda Stern Zisquit's selected poems, Havoc, Haaretz, 2014.

Nami Mun: A review of I'll Be Right There by Kyung-sook Shin, New York Times Book Review, June 8, 2014.

Celeste Ng: "What Did my Mother the Chemist See in Betty Crocker?" New York Times Magazine, Sunday, July 6, 2014.

Jess Row: "Ticking Time Bomb," a review of The Scatter Here Is Too Great by Bilal Tanweer, New York Times Book Review, September 28, 2014.

Drama Performances and Publications

Leah Falk wrote the text for a dance theater production of Swan Lake staged at NoExit Performance in Indianapolis. She also received a grant from Asylum Arts to write a song cycle with composer Joshua Morris, which will be performed in early 2015.