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Rackham Seminars

MEMS and Related Groups and Workshops

FoRMS: The Medieval Lunch Series

Begun in Winter of 2010 by professors Cathy Sanok (English) and Hussein Fancy (History) as the Monday Medieval Brownbag, this series is now being run as a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop under the rubric "Forum on Research in Medieval Studies" (FoRMS), the Medieval Lunch Series. FoRMS also holds reading group meetings throughout the academic year. Contact student coordinators Megan Behrend and Taylor Sims for more information. Join us on Facebook.

FoRMS Website

Fall 2017
1014 Tisch Hall, noon to one

9/ 19
Christian de Pee (History)—“Text and the City: Literary Topography and Urban History in Middle-Period China, 800-1100”

Rob Morrissey (Art History)—“Performing the Capital: Aristocratic Culture as Utopia in Fourteenth-Century Kyoto”

10/ 10
Laura Romaine (English)—“In the Mouth of the Beholder: Linguistic and Rhetorical Uses of Vision in Early English Texts”

10/ 31
Ryan Szpiech (Romance Languages & Literatures) & Kate Waggoner Karchner (History)—”Riccoldo Redux: The Against the Saracen Law of Riccoldo da Monte di Croce, from the Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Centuries”

11/ 14
Michail Kitsos (Near Eastern Studies)—”It Happened Earlier Than You Think: Jewish-Christian Disputations in Late Antiquity”

12/ 5
Val Kivelson (History)—“Expressive Gestures: Affect and Violence in the late 16th century Russian Illustrated Historical Chronicle

Winter 2018 Schedule

Early Modern Colloquium (EMC)

The Early Modern Colloquium is an organization run by the faculty and graduate students in the English department at the University of Michigan. The purpose of the group is to stimulate the early modern scholarly community at the University of Michigan, to facilitate conversations between students, faculty, visiting scholars, and members of various departments within the University. Open meetings are held several times during the semester, and include panels, symposia, papers, and a conference.

For the full schedule of events and resources, please visit

Eighteenth Century Studies Group (ECSG)

A series of events meant to develop the burgeoning interest in global aspects of eighteenth-century Europe (and beyond). We hope to foster a broad exchange of  ideas from scholars in a variety of disciplines.

For a full schedule of events and other information, please visit

Religion in the Premodern Atlantic

This workshop provides a forum for the study of premodern religion in the Atlantic World across departments and disciplines. Its focus has evolved in recent years beyond its original topic of early American religion and the name was changed this year to better reflect the current interests of participants and speak to diverse research interests. By using the Atlantic World as our unifying geography, the workshop will not only interest scholars of Europe and North America, but also attract those who work on the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa.

The goals of the workshop are to facilitate collaboration and conversation between scholars who study religion from a wide variety of perspectives. Participants come from many departments and programs, including History, American Culture, English, Art History, Anthropology, Women’s’ Studies, Romance Languages and Literature, Comparative Literature, and Sociology. Our rich conversations in past years have reflected this diversity of training and research interests, and we plan to continue engaging with students and professors from many disciplines by approaching religion through historical, sociological, anthropological, and literary lenses.

For a full schedule of events and other information, please visit our website.