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Graduates and Placements


Laura Ambrose, "Plotting Movement: Representations of Local Travel in Early Modern England, 1600-1660." Associate Professor, Saint Mary's College

Andreea Boboc, "Justice on Trial: Judicial Abuse and Acculturation in Late Medieval English Literature, 1381-1481." Associate Professor, University of the Pacific

Andrew Bozio, "Ecologies of Thought in Early Modern English Drama." Assistant Professor, Skidmore College

Katie Brokaw, "Tudor Musical theater: Staging Religious Difference From Wisdom to The Winter's Tale." Assistant Professor, University of California-Merced

Jonathan Farr, "Imagined Geographies and the Production of Space in Occitania and Northern Catalunya in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries." Lecturer, University of Michigan

Heather Flaherty, "The Place of the Speculum Humanae Salvationis in the Rise of Affective Piety in the Later Middle Ages." Curator of Education, The Trout Gallery, Dicksinson College

Noah Gardiner, "Esotericism in a Manuscript Culture: Ahmad al-Buni and His Readers through the Mamluk Period." Research Fellow, University of Bonn

Yanay Israeli, "Petitions, Justice, and Royal Authority in Late Medieval Castile." Assistant Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Elizabeth Kamali, "A Felonious State of Mind: Mens Rea in Thirteenth-and Fourtheenth-Century England." Assistant Professor, Harvard Law.

Jeremy Ledger, "Mapping Mediterranean Geographies: Geographic and Cartographic Encounters between the Islamic World and Europe, c. 1100-1600." Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin (Madison), Institute for the Research in the Humanities

Ellen Marie Lee, "Lethaeus Amore: Love and Memory in Latin Elegy."

Kris Luce, "Revolutions in Parallel: The Rise and Fall of Drawing within Architectural Design." 

Tiggy McLaughlin, "Christian Pedagogy and Christian Community in the Fifth- and Sixth-Century Mediterranean."

Stephanie Pilat, "Reconstructing Italy: The Ina-Casa Neighborhoods of the Postwar Era." Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma

Sean Roberts, "Cartography between Cultures: Francesco Berlinghieri’s Geographia of 1482." Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar

Ella-Natalie Rothman, "Between Venice and Istanbul: Trans-Imperial Subjects and Cultural Mediation in the Early Modern Mediterranean." Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Marjorie Rubright, "Double Dutch: Approximate Identities in Early Modern English Culture." Associate Professor, University of Toronto 

Noel Schiller, "The Art of Laughter: Society, Civility, and Viewing Practices in the Netherlands 1600-1640." Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Kathryn Will, "Cultivating Heraldic Histories in Early Modern English Literature." Adjunct Professor, Monmouth College

Rebecca Wiseman, "Reading and Reception in Early Modern England: Aesthetics, Judgment, and selfhood from Sidney to Milton." Assistant Professor, University of Toronto-Scarborough