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Courses in Arab and Muslim American Studies provide an interdisciplinary study of Arab American and Muslim American histories, literatures, and cultures. We address the historical and current experiences of Arab and Muslim Americans in the United States and the relevance of those experiences for understanding race and ethnicity in the U.S. and globally. Courses explore themes such as immigration history; racism and discrimination; gender and sexuality; media representations; the local and global impacts of war and violence on Arab and Muslim Americans; intellectual, literary, artistic and cultural contributions; and relationships with other racial and ethnic groups. This curriculum provides knowledge vital for a critical understanding of the contemporary United States in a global context.

Fall 2022 Courses

The Department of American Culture offers the following courses in Arab and Muslim American Studies:

  • Arab America: Art, Culture, and Activism (AMCULT/AMAS 204)
  • Introduction to Arab American Studies (AMAS/AMCULT 215)
  • Arab American Literature (AMAS/AMCULT 290)
  • Muslims in America (AMAS/AMCULT 236)
  • From Harems to Terrorists: Representing the Middle East in Hollywood Cinema (AMAS/AMCULT/WMS 235)
  • Camels, Kabobs, and Khalil Gibran: Arab American Cultural Studies (AMCULT/AMAS 311)
  • Islamophobia (AMCULT/AMAS 311)
  • Contemporary Muslim Literature (ENGLISH 313/AMCULT 311)
  • Arab American Feminism (AMCULT/AMAS 405)
  • Race, Muslims, and Popular CultureĀ (AMCULT/AMAS 405)
  • Islam in Graphic NovelsĀ (AMAS 405/ENGLISH 398)
  • Internship in Arab and Muslim American Studies (AMCULT/NES 390)

Related courses in Arab and Muslim American Studies at the University of Michigan:

  • Writing Islam (English 280)
  • Arab American Literature (English 317)
  • Anthropological Approaches to the Middle East (Anthropology 409)
  • The New Middle Eastern Diasporas (Anthropology 658)
  • Formatting Cultures (Anthropology 658)
  • Women and Islam: Politics of Representation (COMM 405)
  • Peoples of the Middle East (AAPTIS 100)
  • Visual Culture of Islam (AAPTIS 285)
  • The Quar'an and Its Interpretations (AAPTIS 363)
  • The Prophet Muhammad in Islam (AAPTIS 365)
  • Introduction to Arab Literature in Translation (AAPTIS 381)
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Middle Eastern Literature (AAPTIS 383)
  • History of the Modern Middle East (AAPTIS 487)
  • Comparative Perspectives of the Middle East and North Africa (AAPTIS 493)
  • America and Middle Eastern Wars (History 241)
  • Islamic World History (History 243)
  • Muslims in Contemporary Europe (History 324)
  • History of Islam in South Asia (History 325)
  • Foundations of Intergroup Relations (SOC 490)
  • Arabic language courses (AAPTIS)