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Subject Pool

The Introductory Psychology Subject Pool allows for Introductory Psychology students to take a more active role in learning major concepts in the course. The studies are designed and run by Psychology faculty, graduate students, and senior honors theses. No identifying information about participants will ever be used in connection to the results of the studies.

Below is the link to the Sharepoint site where Student Participants, Researchers, and Principle Investigators (PI's) can access all the information needed for Subject Pool. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact:

Psychology Student Academic Affairs Office
1343 East Hall
Phone: 734.764.2580

PLEASE NOTE: While Sharepoint requires your UM kerberos log-in information, you will need to include "umroot\" before your uniqname (i.e. umroot\uniqname). If you experience trouble logging into Sharepoint please refer to our Sharepoint Document.