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Prospective Students

Ready. Set. KNOW.

Know inspiration. 
Know a sense of place. Know options, because one size doesn’t fit all. 
Know a built-in academic support system that helps you at every turn.
Know possibilities, because that’s what LSA prepares you for. 
You can choose your path, set your course, and pursue
every line of inquiry to extraordinary ends. 

And then get ready to discover everything you don’t know.
Because that’s when things really start to get interesting...  

Ready? You know you are. 



Find Yourself in LSA

Meet the students who are just like you. They’re discovering how to make the most of their LSA
experiences—and discovering more about themselves in the process. 

Abilene Emerson

An unusual internship challenged Abilene Emerson to learn about herself, while showing incredible ways to use her LSA major in the real world.

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Harish Kilaru

Ambitious and smart, Harish Kilaru joined a startup company his freshman year. His academic path was perfectly mapped out…until it totally wasn’t. 

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Dhaara Antani

Hiding her homework? It sounds crazy, but that’s just what Dhaara Antani’s friends helped her do so she could discover a vibrant campus life beyond academics. 

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How does YOUR story begin?