In their quarterly newsletter, Instructional Support Services highlighted Professor Leontis' efforts at incorporating new technology into her course Classical Civilization 121, which included the creation of a course blog. 

ISS writes: 

Professor Leontis partnered with Instructional Support Services (ISS) throughout the process, starting with requesting the creation of a WordPress site and brainstorming about possible teaching strategies and how they would impact the design and structure of the site. She settled on a format where students submitted their work via a blog post rather than authoring their own pages or sites. This structure enabled students to interact with one another, commenting and creating tags to identify links and themes among the posts. She created a homepage that summarized the full range of learning activities that had occurred over the course as a way to provide context for the student contributions or posts. Members of ISS also made class visits to show students how-to basics and answer questions. Additionally, faculty from Sweetland Writing Center were a source of information and mentoring as Professor Leontis worked through the process of structuring the assignments and making pedagogical decisions.

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