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Outstanding Research Mentor Awards

Each year, UROP recognizes outstanding mentors who have exceeded expectations in providing opportunities and guidance to their UROP students. These exceptional mentors demonstrate an interest in the college experiences, academic goals, and career plans of their students.

Nominations are reviewed by UROP staff and Peer Advisors. Award winners are honored during the UROP Spring Research Symposium in April and include a stipend.

2015-2016 Winners

William F. Carson IV, Ph.D.

Mark Clague, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Duval, Ph.D. 

Elizabeth Goodenough, Ph.D.

Daniel Lucas-Alcaraz, Ph.D.

Chithra Perumalswami, M.D.

2013-2014 Winners

Robin Means Coleman, Ph.D.

Rebecca Hasson, Ph.D.

Sean Teh-Sheng Ma, Ph.D.

Alvaro Rojas- Pena, M.D.

Timothy Ryan, Doctoral Candidate

Ariella Shikanov, Ph.D.

2011-2012 Winners

Sara McClelland, Ph.D.

Carrie Ferrario, Ph.D.

Peter Scott, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Olszewski, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Roni Shtein, M.D., M.S.

Leopoldo Pando Zayas, Ph.D.

2014-2015 Winners

Nicolette Gabel, Ph.D.

Margaret Hicken, Ph.D.

Reuben J. Miller, Ph.D.

Christine Nelson, M.D.

Karen Schroeder, Doctoral Candidate

Jason Stornelli, Doctoral Candidate 

Chelsea Wood, Ph.D.

2012-2013 Winners

Paul Carlson, Ph.D

Amy Krings, MSW

Jeannie Hernandaz, Ph.D

Jiangchao Zhao, Ph.D

Sarah Aciego

Terri Voepel-Lewis, MSN, RN

WilliamCarson, Ph.D