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OS graduates are prepared to do well in a variety of careers, as well as graduate school programs. Graduates and alums who responded to our surveys have worked in a variety of different fields, the top ones being consulting, sales/marketing, and non-profit. Other fields students have entered include education, finance/accounting/ banking, human resources, fundraising, health care, and law. The breadth of fields is a strong indicator that our graduates are prepared to enter a variety of fields thanks to the multidisciplinary perspectives they obtain through their OS degree and a broad liberal arts education. 

Listen to some of our alumni speak about how the program has helped them become successful professionals:

For a list of where our graduates are employed and pursuing graduate school click here.

Your OS pathway not only helps you create a customized degree program that reflects your academic interests. It also serves as a springboard for thinking about your career direction. OS helps you explore careers in a multitude of ways:

  1. The OS Career Exploration and Prep Series: The series features two boot camp sessions on how to craft your resume and explain the OS degree in cover letters and interviews. The rest of the series offers special topic sessions on various fields where OS graduates have found work. OS alumni share their experience with you, help explain the field more, and provide tips for your job search. These sessions are held mainly on Friday afternoons.
  2. OS Weekly Updates:  Organizational Studies sends out a weekly e-mail newsletter to students with news about OS and BLI events, curriculum news, and career and internship news. Check your e-mail every Monday for job and internship recruiting events or deadlines. 
  3. Summer Opportunities Packet: OS offers a collection of information on internship, study abroad, and research experiences based on summer experiences from past OS students. Many of these opportunities have resulted in a pipeline of OS students to internships at the same organization over years! Available to OS students in December.
  4. OS Internship Listing: Organizational Studies advertises internship opportunities for OS students in a weekly e-mail starting in December.
  5. OS exclusive company Info Sessions & Workshops: Companies with successful track records of hiring OS interns and graduates often wish to get to know our students directly and provide workshops and info sessions right on our floor. Past companies have included Deloitte, PwC, Procter & Gamble, DISH Network, and Target.
  6. Career Series: The Career Series are programs and events developed specifically for OS students, to provide support in your professional development and career advancement. 
  7. Career Center (Resume Writing): Career Center's resources for resume writing.
  8. Career Center (Cover Letter Writing): Career Center's cover letter writing resources.