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Past Field Projects

A book that describes each of the projects undertaken before 2006 and offers many black-and-white and color illustrations

The Kelsey has a long and proud tradition of sponsoring archaeological fieldwork in the Mediterranean and Near East. This tradition dates back to Francis Kelsey himself, who in the early twentieth century embarked on a series of excavations, most famously initiating work at Karanis, a Roman-period town in the Egyptian Fayoum. Many objects excavated at Karanis are now in the holdings of the Museum. Other early projects (such as at Seleucia-on-the-Tigris, 1928-1937) similarly resulted in substantial additions to the Museum's collections—a practice that no longer holds true today owing to changes in accepted archaeological ethics.

Locations of past Kelsey-sponsored fieldwork.

Archives for some previous excavations can be accessed on the Michigan Excavation Records database. Contact Sebastián Encina for access.