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At one point or another we all have had a mentor, whether that is a parent, colleague, supervisor, or friend, who has connected us to opportunity, lifted us up with supportive advice, or helped us achieve or define our goals. Through the LSA Summer Mentorship Program you will get a chance to support current LSA students in their professional growth, assist the LSA Young Alumni Council in contributing to a well-rounded undergraduate experience, and establish a relationship with an LSA student. In addition, we want you to complete the program having grown your own leadership and coaching skills while reflecting on how your liberal arts education has helped you get to where you are today.  



Mentor Lauren Gardner (Chicago, IL):

"I really enjoyed being a mentor, and hope to join the program in the future. Not only did I get to connect with a current student and reminisce on my favorite place (U of M), but also developed leadership and mentorship skills of my own that will be useful in my career aspirations."

Mentee Nikita Mungarwadi (Los Angleses, CA):

"Going into this, I had no idea what to expect... however, signing myself up for this program ended up being one of the best things I could have done. I was able to experience LA through the lens of someone who had been living there for more than 4 years. [My mentor] was an incredible resource and friend to me over the course of the summer. He gave me a tour around the city, took me to all the different agencies in Hollywood, introduced me to all his friends who work at entertainment companies, and even got me into Fox Studios one weekend because he works part-time for their Sports department! Not only did I have a mentor to guide me through the crazy Hollywood mess up that LA is, I also gained a great network of people who I can reach out to when I make the move back to LA after I graduate!"


Who do I contact to learn more about the program?

For more information about the program email Joseph Murray at We are happy to send you information regarding mentor guidelines, a detailed program timeline, or specific topic descriptions of each meeting.

In July the LSA YAC Chicago hosted a Mentorship Meet-up in the heart of downtown Chicago. The event welcomed student interns and recent LSA graduates to mix and mingle while sharing their experiences participating in the LSA Summer Mentorship Program. Students used the event to network with young alumni and foster professional connections as they begin thinking about their future careers. The event also served as a chance for attendees to learn more about the future of the LSA Summer Mentorship Program as it partners with the Opportunity Hub to expand its reach.

Applications for the 2018 Summer Mentorship program have closed. Keep an eye out for information about the 2019 program next spring!