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Undergraduate Courses

Please click on a bar below for a course chart with information on which courses meet the requirements for majors and minors in Women's Studies.

Wait List Policy

Course overrides are issued to students in Women’s Studies classes in wait list order. This policy is the most equitable because students have seniority in enrollment times. Students on the waitlist should attend the first two class meetings.  An enrolled student who does not attend either of the first two class meetings may be disenrolled. 

Independent Study

Independent study courses provide students with the opportunity to further explore a topic they became interested in through a class or outside readings or to develop a research topic or area of interest. Independent study courses are initiated by the student and pursued with the guidance of a Women’s Studies faculty member.

Students interested in doing an independent study should have the necessary background to work in their interest area and a project that has been well thought out before a prospective faculty sponsor is contacted.

Independent study credit will not be granted for work that can be done through a regular course; nor more than three credit hours of independent study may be counted toward a Women’s Studies major or minor. Please click on the button below for more information.