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New Major in Gender and Health

The Gender and Health major offers a critical, feminist analysis of research, practice, and policies concerning gender and health. Students examine the intersections of social categories, such as gender, race / ethnicity, social class, and sexuality, with conceptualizations of health, healthcare delivery, and health-related policies. Moreover, the major allows students to investigate the limits of the biomedical model, apply a feminist lens to the understanding, critique, and construction of health, explore health- related issues within a global and transnational context, grapple with ethical dilemmas in real-world case studies, and critically analyze the impact of power inequalities in specific health-related areas (e.g., the use of medical technologies and treatment of epidemic diseases).

The Gender and Health major requires 33 total course credits, (excluding the prerequisite, WS 220 Perspectives in Women's Health) including cognates. After WS 220, the core curriculum includes a 300-level theory seminar; a practicum (with an optional lab component); and four thematic area requirements covering: LGBTQ and sexuality studies in health, critical race and ethnic studies in gender and health, gender and health in global, transnational or historical perspectives, and  gender and health in bioscience. Also required are two gender and health electives, a minimum of six cognate credits, and WS 440, Senior Capstone. One of the four thematic area courses or one of the elective courses must be a course that addresses “gender, culture and representation” on a health-related topic.

The major offers students a truly interdisciplinary, liberal arts experience with a variety of courses, spanning disciplinary approaches in the humanities and social sciences. It provides students with intellectually rich, challenging, and suitable academic preparation for a diverse series of jobs and advanced graduate or professional training.

Advising and how to declare

From mid-April through August, please email to request an advising appointment. Donna Ainsworth is the Women's Studies academic advising from mid-April through August.

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