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Meet Our Recruitment Team

Each year, WISE RP selects a group of students to lead tours and interact with incoming students during Campus Day and other events the University of Michigan hosts for incoming students.

Please note, most Michigan Living-Learning Communities (MLCs) will have tables set up prior to the start of Campus Day starting at 7:30am and then will provide tours at the end of Campus Day around 2:30pm on Central Campus. If you are an intersted student enrolled in the College of Engineering (CoE), please contact us a few days before your Campus Day visit, so we can arrange a tour for you at the end of the CoE tour. 

Kelly Nguyen

Kelly Nguyen

Hometown: Tullahoma, TN 

Major: Chemical Engineering

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memory is when all of us went ice skating at Yost! It was so fun to laugh and de-stress with everybody before the second semester started to get busy. While most of us did not know how to actually ice skate, bonding with everyone in this fantastic community is always so fun!

Why did you join WISE RP? I joined WISE RP because of the amazing community it provided to women in STEM. Coming to Michigan as an out-of-state student was a little nerve-wracking, but this community helped me transition into college by providing great academic, professional, and social opportunities!

Advice to incoming students: Do not stress! College sounds like an intimidating place, but take your time to adjust and enjoy all of the opportunities college has to offer. Take advantage of all of the numerous programs Michigan has, and you will find your place here on campus!

Katherine Nicholson

Katherine Nicholson

Hometown: Alpena, MI

Major: Data Science Engineering

Minor: Art History

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE memory is studying with my friends before exams. Since we are all in similar classes, we spend all day studying together and motivating each other and it is super helpful during finals. 

Why did you join WISE RP? I wanted a smaller community within the university that supported me in my goals. I also wanted a way to make friends and get involved with women in STEM student organizations, all things WISE has helped me do!

Advice to incoming students: I would tell incoming students to be brave and try new things when they get to campus. College is full of opportunities and its important to do things for fun as well as for professional development. Also, it takes time to find your people sometimes so putting yourself out there helps you make new friends. 

Ellie Degraw

Ellie DeGraw    

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Chemical Engineering

Favorite WISE RP Memory: Going ice skating at Yost Arena with all of WISE RP! It was a bunch of fun to hangout with friends outside of school related activities. Although I am absolutely terrible at ice skating, I even fell once, I definitely would recommend to a friend.

Why did you join WISE RP? As an out of state student, I did not know anyone else coming to Michigan. I was really looking for a smaller community within the large university. Luckily, I also met my best friends!

Advice to Incoming Students: Everyone is going through the same thing. Don't be afraid to talk to people you don't know and get involved in anything that sounds interesting! You never know if you will find your best friend or something you are extremely passionate about. 

Madison Carroll

Madison Carroll

Hometown: Midland, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering

Favorite WISE RP Memory: We were at our annual WISE RP Paint the Rock event at the beginning of the fall semester, when out of nowhere it started downpouring rain! What started out as painting the infamous rock on campus turned into us screaming "Mr. Brightside" at the top of our lungs and dancing in the rain. Everyone came back to MoJo completely soaked but it was such a fun bonding experience that will not be forgotten anytime soon!

Why did you join WISE RP? I was extremely interested in finding community on campus that would help to make this big university feel more intimate. When I stumbled across WISE RP during Campus Day, I knew it was the perfect opportunity that aligned with many of my interests and would provide exactly what I was looking for!

Advice to Incoming Students: Explore! Involve yourself in things that interest you and will help you discover what you are passionate about. No one comes into college with everything figured out, so take time to try new classes, activities, and clubs!

Dalena Hoàng

Dalena Hoàng

Hometown: Downriver, MI

Major: Statistics and Data Science

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memory is when we painted the rock! It was among our first program event, so I got to meet more people and then creating something to call out own. Even though it rained, it was so fun running with everyone back to our new home. 

Why did you join WISE RP? I was looking to be in a community with people who had similar experiences as me, where we could relate or bond over our love for the sciences, but also talk about the difficulties that we may face in our chosen fields. It was not only the support from fellow members that made me want to join, but also the support and resources we get from faculty and being in WISE RP itself. 

Advice to Incoming Students: Find the things that make you passionate! There are so many clubs and organizations offered here at Michigan, so you can explore your interests. It's so important to have something outside of academics that you enjoy, and have fun with it!

Sam Jaehnig

Sam Jaehnig

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Major: Computer Science

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memory has to be of this random Friday night we decided to make pasta. A bunch of us went down to the kitchen on the mo side, cooked pasta, and blasted music. It was a super fun way to bond and meet more people in WISE!

Why did you join WISE RP? As an out of state student, I really didn't know many people coming to Michigan. I joined WISE RP because I wanted to be surrounded by people who shared my academic passions in a way that would also help me find a community within such a large university.

Advice to incoming students: Try everything! I feel like freshman year is about just putting yourself out there, trying new things, and finding what you're passionate about. Anything that interests you, go for it!

Emily O'Connell

Emily O'Connell

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Favorite WISE RP Memory: One of my favorite WISE RP memories was our paint the rock program board event. We began painting when a few minutes later the sky unexpectedly opened up and we all ran back to MoJo after cleaning up the supplies. It allowed me to get to know a lot of the new members of WISE who had just moved in and create deeper bonds with the other mentors.

Why did you join WISE RP? I decided to join WISE RP so that I would have a smaller community to make Michigan's campus feel smaller. I also thought that the community would be a great way to make new friends and find my place at Michigan (spoiler: it was!).

Advice to incoming students: Find a balance. It is important to get involved and make the most out of your college experience while also knowing your limits and how to relax.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

Hometown: Hudsonville, MI

Major: Computer Science and Psychology

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memory is the Paint the Rock Program Board event during Welcome Week. We had just begun to paint when suddenly it started down pouring. With paint covering our hands and laughs echoing throughout the group, we started sprinting back to Mosher-Jordan. It was in this shared undesirable but amusing situation that I first began to feel connected to the other girls in the community. 

Why did you join WISE RP? I come from a small town, so when coming to such a large school like the University of Michigan I wanted to have a built-in community. Additionally, I have always been interested in STEM fields, so I wished to be surrounded by girls who share a passion for learning about these areas. WISE RP has given me this smaller support network and has connected me with so many other girls who are academically and professionally driven. 

Advice to incoming students: Take time to reflect on your experiences and goals. In the first weeks of college, you'll be presented with so many opportunities and new situations. It's important to get involved, but it's also valuable to take time alone to decompress and figure out how to manage these experiences and activities with your academics. 

Malu Sridhar

Malu Sridhar

Hometown: Livonia, MI

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memories are from the beginning of the year during welcome week. WISE RP had activities planned, and it was so much fun meeting the other women in the community.

Why did you join WISE RP? I decided to join WISE RP because I wanted to be a part of a community that encouraged and supported each other through academic and personal endeavors. Michigan is a big school and it can be overwhelming at times, but WISE RP made me feel grounded and opened my eyes to the many resources and opportunities available. 

Advice to incoming students: My advice for freshmen is to get involved on campus. Michigan has so much to offer and it really gives you a great opportunity to explore interests and meet new people. 

Maria Kuenzer

Maria Kuenzer

Hometown: Tecumseh, MI

Major: Environmental Engineering

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memory is from painting the rock. We were there for about ten minutes before it started to rain. Everyone sang and danced on the walk back to MoJo!

Why did you join WISE RP? I decided to join WISE RP because I wanted a community of people I knew would support me. I wanted to come to the University of Michigan knowing that there would be other people in my dorm with similar interests to me.

Advice to incoming students: Don't compare yourself to your peers. People come from all different places and are given (or not given) different opportunities. You don't need to come into college knowing everything you want to do; college is the time to figure out who you are and what you value.

Anna Young

Anna Young

Hometown: Bigfork, MT

Major: Biochemistry

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memory was spending a day exploring Ann Arbor with one of my close friends. We both moved here from other states, so we wanted to get to know the city that we were living in a little more. From going to the Farmer's Market and trying Michigan apple cider for the first time, to taking pictures of each other as we walked around downtown Ann Arbor, the experience made me realize just how much my connections within the WISE RP meant to me.

Why did you join WISE RP? As an out-of-state student, I came to the University of Michigan not knowing anyone. The WISE RP community was my chance to meet and bond with women who share some of the same interests and passions as myself, and for me to gain the confidence and skills required to be a woman in STEM! I have met all of my best friends through the WISE RP, and the opportunities offered through this program have been so beneficial as I navigate this next step in my life.

Advice to incoming students: To learn how to keep a growth mindset. Chances are, you will probably face some new challenges throughout your first year of college—perhaps having to live away from home for the first time, struggling with a class, or doing poorly on an exam (to name a few)—and although they might not feel great, remember that obstacles like these are part of the growing process. Stay positive, keep trying your best, and know that you can do this!