WISE RP focuses on supporting a diverse population of students in STEM and celebrating a diverse community of STEM change makers. One of the ways we actualize our mission is to link the community with resources that coincide with their personal and career aspirations. Vicarious experiences and role models are essential to increasing one’s self-efficacy, especially for women in STEM. We are on this journey together, and one part of the journey is recognizing those who are/were where we want to be!

In this series of posts, the current WISE RP community is joining together to spotlight women with unique stories in various STEM fields. There are many women in STEM, especially women with intersecting social identities, that we often do not hear about—WISE RP would like to do our part in increasing our current communities' knowledge of these individuals and their contributions to STEM fields.

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We hope this series provides new insights, appreciation, and fosters inspiration and conversation! The first Women In STEM Sunday post was October 4, 2020.