Emma Schmidt

Hometown: Bay City, MI

Major: Public Health, 2020

Emma is a recipient of the WISE RP Alumni Scholarship for Summer 2018. The scholarship allowed her to take an internship in her hometown of Bay City, MI at the Bay Area Women's Center (BAWC). Read her summer updates below and click through the photo gallery. 


"On Monday, I represented the BAWC at Family Fun FARM (food, agriculture, and resources in motion) event at the local Boys and Girls club. We assumed it would be a farm theme, so we had the kids plant seeds. I designed the little stickers that went on the cup that they planted the seeds in! They had several organizations there, including a group teaching students about STEM and doing science experiments! Today, I gave my first solo presentation to 3-5 year olds, which was terrifying! We are also starting to present once a week to the Boys and Girls club in Pinconning. Today, our message is hands are not for hitting and we are going to play wheel of fortune and do hand tracing posters! Next week I will start giving two presentations a week at the juvenile center in Bay City, which I have designed a curriculum for. It’s kind of terrifying but so much fun!" 


"I represented the women’s center at Great Lakes Bay Pride Fest which was hosted in Bay City this year! It was soooo hot and windy, we were supposed to have a fun photo booth (that I made a bunch of props for) but the weather didn’t cooperate. We had a great turnout though! I am also doing presentations at the Bay County Juvenille home twice a week, where I design my own curriculum and presentations. Once a week, my boss and I go to the Boys and Girls Club in Pinconninng, where we normally play a game, read a book, and do a craft. Today, we played family feud and read Rainbow Fish, then made our own rainbow fish with characteristics of a good friend. It’s been fun!"