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Class of 2020

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Marissa Barnes

Major: Chemical Engineering, BSE 

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP not only gave me solid friendships and bonds with other women at the university that have lasted for the past 4 years, but also surrounded me with positive women who supported each other and helped me gain confidence in my classes and in my social life.

Susan Candela

Major: Computer Science, BSE

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Advice: Be yourself and take advantage of all the WISE RP experience has to offer. WISE RP is a fun, wonderful, and supportive community so enjoy it while you can!

Alanah Cardenas-O'Toole

Major: Space Science & Engin BSE

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: I met one of my best friends in the WISE RP program,we were roommates for 3 years, and I know we will continue to be friends for life. WISE RP made my first and second year of college much easier to navigate and enjoy.

Ryan Duncan

Major: Statistics, BS

Ziyaneh Ghaderpour Taleghani

Major: Neuroscience, BS

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor, Program Board

Victoria Guzman

Major: Computer Science, BSE

Taryn Hayes

Major: Neuroscience, BS

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor, Recruitment Team, Elaine R. Feldman Summer Research Award Recipient

WISE RP Impact: If it wasn't for WISE RP, I don't think I would have pursued a STEM major. WISE RP provided me with a support system that consisted of strong women that had similar interests and goals as me. WISE RP also gave me friends that I will have for a lifetime. Literally I met all three of my roommates through WISE RP!

Camille Hollins

Major: Microbiology, BS

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: I gained so many great friends and learned how to navigate my way through the university as a woman.

Shaina Jansen

Major: Sociology, BA

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Advice: Soak up all the friendship and time in community! There are amazing opportunities through WISE RP to network with alumni, engage with the Michigan community, and make lasting memories. Take every opportunity that is presented to you, work hard, but remember to have fun along the way!

Erin Judd

Major: Industrial & Oper Eng, BSE

Sydney Kleber

Major: Industrial & Oper Eng, BSE

Rhea Kulkarni

Major: Information, BS

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Advice: You don't have to have everything figured out immediately. Give yourself time and space to breathe, explore, and experiment. Make mistakes, try new things, push yourself, and just remember that everything will fall in place eventually.

Anna Lee

Major: Biopsych, Cognit & Neurosci, BS

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP gave me a small community of people who I could lean on for comfort and support. I knew I could almost always find a WISE RP member in one of my classes. This community also gave me friends that I could experience college with and talk through any achievements or challenges. It gave me the environment in which I could open myself and be vulnerable, which brought me closer to a lot of people today. I learned many life lessons and skills that I can carry with me even after college!

Madi Lynch

Major: Chemical Engineering BSE & Sustainable Engin BSE Chem E 

WISE RP Involvement: Resident Advisor

WISE RP Advice: Breathe. Your four years will fly by, so make sure to enjoy those moments just being silly in the floor lounges with your friends, going to see movies, joining student organizations, exploring Ann Arbor, and so much more. 

Marissa Martinelli

Major: Industrial & Oper Eng, BSE 

Carol May

Major: Earth & Environmental Sci BS

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: There was a sense of community that was there in WISE RP. Even though we were all doing different things, I knew we cared about each other and hoped for our respective successes in whatever we pursued.

Rachel Menge

Major: Computer Engineering, BSE (2019) & Computer Science & Eng MSE (2020)

WISE RP Advice: Go to events, meet as many people as possible and enjoy your first year. 

Abigail Meyer

Major: Computer Science, BSE

WISE RP Impact: I loved my experience in WISE. I met an amazing group of women that I became like family with. I couldn't imagine coming to college and succeeding as I did without WISE RP. 

Michelle Pawlow

Major: Environmental Engineering, BSE

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP helped me feel welcome as an out-of-state student and woman in STEM. By participating in WISE RP, I felt prepared to tackle future challenges and comfortable in my own ability as an engineer. My WISE RP roommate is still one of my best friends and I am excited to live with her for the fifth year in a row next year!

Erica Pinto

Major: Mechanical Engineering, BSE

WISE RP Advice: Though you've heard it before, college really does go by in the blink of an eye. Take the time to truly enjoy the college experience you imagined for yourself-- study hard, get involved, have fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Emily Rassel

Major: Aerospace Engineering, BSE

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: My first year, I was very nervous to move to Ann Arbor and meet new people. Instantly, I was able to find a family in WISE RP and we explored the campus together. I soon had a network of amazing and strong women across STEM majors. To this day, many of my friends are those I met in my first month on campus, and we continue to support each other

Hannah Ray

Major: Neuroscience, BS

WISE RP Advice: Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you as a new student, both in WISE RP and from the university in general.

Alexa Roberts

Major: Electrical Engineering, BSE

WISE RP Advice: WISE RP introduced me to many other women in STEM and showed me that there are many women pursuing technical careers, despite what you might see in a classroom (or Zoom call!) or in the workplace. It helped me feel a sense of community in a male-dominated field.

Emma Schmidt

Major: Public Health, BS

WISE RP Advice: It is okay to not know what you are doing or where you are going! I came into college undecided, and it felt like everyone knew what they wanted to do with their lives. Trust me, you're going to change your mind so much, and you have to be open to new opportunities and fields that you may not have even considered before. Keep an open mind, and follow your interests and passions!

Riley Schnee

Major: Computer Science, BSE

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: Being part of WISE RP helped me start college on the right foot, especially as an out-of-state student. I benefited and contributed to a supportive community of like-minded women in STEM, who I have continued to stay in touch with.

Rachel Schoepke

Major: Computer Science, BS

Minor: Statistics

Meagan Tobias

Major: Environmental Engineering, BSE

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP introduced me to so many people that I would have never interacted with if I wasn't in the program. Even later on in undergrad it was wild how many people I would meet who shared being in WISE RP. A lot of my closest friends I made throughout college have some tie to WISE or Mojo and I’ll be forever grateful to have had such a supportive community during my college career.

Megan Trapp

Major: Environment, BS

WISE RP Advice: Don't be afraid to change paths as you learn what you are interested in. Put yourself out there to meet new people and join organizations, even when it sounds tough or uncomfortable. Don't be discouraged by the competitive atmosphere of the university. Ask for help from friends, faculty, and staff when you need it, everyone wants to help you succeed!

Liz Woelmer

Major: Biology, BS

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP provided me a community to be proud of and inspired by, and introduced me to so many wonderful people. I met some of my closest friends while in this program as a first and second year, and I am so excited to see where life takes us next. WISE RP provided me with academic and emotional support during a difficult transition into college-level academia, and for that I am forever grateful.

Casey Wong

Major: Computer Science, BSE

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP was really just the foundation of my entire college experience. WISE RP gave me my first leadership role, my first part-time job, and my first friend at Michigan! I started college knowing no one at this university, and now I'm leaving with lifelong friends that I met in WISE RP.

Katrina Yeomans

Major: Biomedical Engineering, BSE

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor, Summer Orientation Leader

WISE RP Impact: Within this large university, I was able to find a group of individuals who looked out for each other and banned together to make a community. When I hit rough patches during my first year, WISE RP gave me the support and the courage to continue on. I made my first friends in WISE RP and thinking about it right now, those same friends will be with me for the rest of my life.

McKenzie Zauel

Major: Environmental Engineering, BSE