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You've persevered you've passed the tests, you've sought opportunities to insure your success. The WISE RP was one such endeavor, you found life-long friends, and explored STEM together. We are so very happy to be a part of your journey, and wish you well as you craft the next chapter of your story."

~Dr. Turman, Director


Click on each name below to learn more about our graduates.

Morgan Anderson

Major: Environment 

WISE RP Involvement: Program Board

WISE RP Impact: I found some of my lifelong friends through WISE.

Jaylen Armey

Major: Data Science and General Studies


Joy Aun

Major: Mechanical Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor



Kirtsen Birman

Major: International Studies and Spanish

WISE RP Involvement: Program Board

WISE RP Impact: Even though I am no longer pursuing a STEM field, I would not be where I am today without the WISE RP. The program allowed me to meet so many amazing individuals that I still talk to today, and it provided me with innumerable tools and skills to help me professionally. 

Emma Brown

Major: Information

WISE RP Advice: Meet as many people as you can, and try as many random classes as you can. You don’t have to decide your major immediately so take time to try anything you might be interested in!

Athena Bryer

Major: Psychology and Gender & Health

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

Claire Burton

Major: Biology, Health, & Society and Psychology

WISE RP Advice: Open yourself up to meeting as many people as possible in college! This is such an amazing-and brief!-opportunity to be surrounded by a diverse group of people and to expand your horizons.

Andra Campbell

Major: Biochemistry

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor


Madison Carroll

Major: Chemical Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor, Recruitment Team 

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP gave me an instant community of uplifting and supportive women, and an immediate sense of belonging at such a large university. It was in this program I learned how to tackle imposter syndrome and find confidence in myself and my studies. Some of my best memories from college took place in the halls of Mosher Jordan, and I am forever grateful for the lifelong friendships that the program gave me.

Maya Castleberry

Major: Movement Science

WISE RP Involvement: Resident Advisor

Molly Cavanaugh

Major: Microbiology and German

WISE RP Impact: I met my best friend in WISE and it really gave me the best introduction to college.

Annika Dahlmann

Major: Data Science


Susmita Dash

Major: Earth & Environmental Science

WISE RP Impact: My peer mentor, RA, and classmates made my time at WISE RP memorable and lessened my imposter syndrome as a woman of color in the stem field.

Enakshi Deb

Major: Electrical Engineeing

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor, Study Group Leader

WISE RP Advice: Keep an open mind always! In your first two years, you'll meet so many different people who live different lifestyles than you and come from a range of backgrounds. Learn from them and celebrate those differences! Plus, in addition to keeping your mind open - keep your door open! Say hi to strangers! UMich is a large university, but very quickly becomes a small world as you transition from a first year to a fourth year student.

Dani DiGiovine

Major: Computer Science and Sustainable Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Study Group Leader

WISE RP Advice: Take advantage of being around people in the same classes. Make friends and do work together.

Margaret Dominic

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition & Neuroscience


Sarah Falkowski

Major: Environemntal Engineering and Sustainable Engineering

Selena Feng

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

WISE RP Advice: Don’t be afraid to try something new! College is all about discovering who you are.

Macy Fouch

Major: Biomedical Engineering

WISE RP Advice: Don’t stress about life! Everything works out!

Charlotte Gaden

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition & Neuroscience

Emily Grim

Major: Aerospace Engineering

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP made the transition to college life a lot smoother than I think it would've otherwise been. Right away I had a place in a community with women who have similar interests, and with all the program events I made friends quickly. When classes got hard, I could reach out to my peers and see that I wasn't the only one struggling. Now in my fourth year, I still see other women I met through WISE RP on campus! Whether we're studying together or briefly chatting on the bus, it's always nice to see familiar people and remember that it's a small world, even when campus can feel so big.

Gaurie Gunasekaran

Major: Biology

WISE RP Advice: Try to explore courses and opportunities you normally would not consider. As a premed student, one of my favorite classes I have taken is on Greek Civilizations. College is a time for exploration, so join clubs, conduct research, volunteer, etc. There are so many amazing mentors at UMich who truly want to see us undergrads succeed.

Alli Heinen

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Mara Hill

Major: Mechanical Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor


Caroline Hirth

Major: Industrial & Operations Engineering


Noella Holmer

Major: Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology


Shivani Jayendraprasad

Major: Industrial Operations Engineering


Em Jessee

Major: Linguistics

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

Jessica Kahn

Major: Environemntal Engineering


Allie Kench

Major: Mechanical Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor, Social Media Coordinator

WISE RP Advice: Stay focused on your journey. Do not compare yourself to others around you. Be supportive and encouraging to everyone around you, especially your fellow women in STEM! Embrace new opportunities and always pursue what brings you joy and fulfillment.

Katelyn Lawton

Major: Information



Angela Lee

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

WISE RP Involvement:  Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP gave me my best friends, the support I needed as I transitioned to college, and the opportunity to do research on rare kidney diseases (I still work in the same lab and I am now a co-author of a research publication)!

Shannon Li

Major: Information

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor 

Allie Marshall

Major: Earth & Environmental Science


Katherine Martin

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Lauren McNamee

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Phoebe Miller

Major: Biochemistry


Alison Naif

Major: Public Health

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

Emily O'Connell

Major: Aerospace Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor, Recruitment Team

Alyssa Orlans

Major: Mechanical Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

Abigail Overbeck

Major: Mechanical Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Program Board

WISE RP Impact: I have lived with WISE RP girls all four years. They are some of my best friends, make up the foundation of my professional network, and I am so excited to keep up with such an amazing group of women after graduation. I had a fellow WISE RP alum in nearly every class I took, and so I always had a connection I could rely on. Coming from a smaller school, WISE really helped size down an enormous campus, and gave me the support network and confidence I needed to become who I am today.

Ewelina Papiez

Major: Information

WISE RP Involvement: Study Group Leader

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP gave me my roommates and best friends. It also helped me get ahead of the game with my resume and LinkedIn profile, which made me competitive when applying for internships.

Gabrielle Reszke

Major: Chemical Engineering

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP helped me make connections and friends within a close knit community!! I have continued to be close with the friends in made in WISE RP even now!

Alison Roh

Major: Biochemistry


Sanjana Roy

Major: Mechanical Engineering

WISE RP Impact: Joining WISE RP was the best decision I made in college. The friendships I made during my time in WISE allowed the rest of my college experience to be as great as it was. Meeting so many women in my major allowed me to always have friends in my classes who I could sit with and study with. I also made so many lifelong friends who were there for me throughout my college experience.

Victoria Schwutke

Major: Public Health

WISE RP Involvement: Peer Mentor

WISE RP Impact: WISE RP gave me the friends I live with today - we were able to find each other because we just lived a few doors down from one another! I wouldn't trade these girls for the world, and I am so thankful for WISE RP for bringing me to them.

Sarah Snyder

Major: Mechanical Engineering

WISE RP Advice: Do your best and don’t stress the rest. Everything will work out!

Baylee Sommer

Major: Computer Science


Cara Spencer

Major: Biomedical Engineering

WISE RP Advice: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Abigail Szirmai

Major: Biomolecular Science


Kathryn Thompson

Major: Information

WISE RP Advice: You’re doing better than you think you are.

Amber Uptergrove

Major: Biology, Health & Society and Psychology

WISE RP Advice: Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is how you grow.

Erika Vasquez-Coronel

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Josie Wank

Major: Biology, Cognition & Neuroscience

WISE RP Impact: It gave me a great foundation in introductory STEM courses. But Nick's support was invaluable when I decided to change my path from engineering to that of a pre-health student. It's the people that make the program great, and Nick is one of the best.

Tyler Washington

Major: Mechanical Engineering

WISE RP Advice: Everyone’s journey is different so don’t compare yourself to others.

Isabella Yockey

Major: Biomolecular Science

WISE RP Advice: Just enjoy and cherish every minute of it! This community of strong women is so inspiring, and the connections you make will last all four years and beyond! Take advantage of all the opportunities and resources WISE provides - they are so unique and helpful to set yourself up for a successful college experience.

Cecilia Zacair

Major: Computer Engineering

Julia Zak

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Megan Ziembowicz

Major: Movement Science

WISE RP Advice: Find what you're passionate about at the University of Michigan and you will find your best friends and bottomless opportunities as a result. Passion is what makes you stand out.

Hailey Zuverink

Major: Public Health Sciences

WISE RP Advice: It's okay to change your mind about what you're doing. Sometimes it's more healthy to take the less prestigious position where you'll be happier, more fulfilled, and where you might be pushed into a different area of your field you hadn't considered before!

Check out our slideshows below for advice and to learn how WISE RP impacted our graduating students.