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Undergraduate Advisory Board

The WISE undergraduate Advisory Board is made up of undergraduate women in the sciences and engineering who plan and lead many WISE programs, in addition to advising WISE staff on program needs.

WISE Advisory Board Members Requirements Include:

  • Serve min. of 2 hours at the WISE Tables at Festifall, CoE Northfest and/or Witnerfest
  • Volunteer for WISE for at least 4 hours additional each semester (Fall and Winter)
  • Attend monthly advisory board meetings (1 hour each)
  • Participate in one leadership activity including:
    Lead or Co-Lead one WISE Advisory Board meeting each year
    Plan or Co-Plan and lead a WISE program during the year

Advisory Board Membership

Interested students can self-nominate to become an advisory board member. Please email your self-nomination to and include your year, your concentration (or undeclared status). We aim for a full representation of science and engineering departments with spaces for undeclared students as well. If we have a seat vacancy for your concentration/undeclared status, we will invite you to send a brief description of your experiences and interest in serving on the board.